ALL IN THE DETAILS: Two Different Pairs

Hello, innovative Fashionistas/os! Details are the clear passage of displaying one’s style. They take a simple outfit to the next step. This Fashionisto takes the next step by wearing mixed and matched shoes. These shoes are the same, but different colors! A way to follow this Fashionisto’s trend is to find or purchase a pair of the same shoes but in a different print or color. For example, if you have more than one pair of Converse, mix it up by wearing, say, an orange shoe with a black shoe.

This Fashionisto is a graphic design and theater major. He comments that he wants to stand out and do his own thing. He is wearing a vivid floral T-shirt with a simple pair of jeans. He pairs this ensemble with a gold chain necklace which brings out the colors of his T-shirt and adds personal flavor to his outfit. He is also wearing daring studded earrings.
Matching is nice but it is not a cardinal rule in fashion.

Mixing and matching is an innovative way of letting your personality shine. His style reminds me of the street style in Tokyo. During Fashion Week in Tokyo, there were multiple innovators dressed in a maximalist style. Unlike minimalists, maximalist is a trend that uses lots of bold colors, mixed prints and unique accessories. Charlotte Rivers explains, “Maximalism celebrates richness and excess in graphic design.” The awesome thing about maximalism is that it is seen nowhere else. It is your own elusive style. Don’t be afraid to test the waters of creativity.

How To: For shoes, you simply find a pair of the same shoes but in different colors and mix it up. Don’t forget accessories because they can enhance any outfit.