How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

A cover letter gives the hiring manager three important pieces of information about you: 1. It shows how your skill set fits the role, 2. What you can bring to the team, and 3. Why you’re interested in the job. In addition, cover letters help the hiring manager and/or recruiter determine whether you are a good fit for the position. With these five tips, you’ll be able to be the superstar out of the rest of the applicants. So, confidently apply to all of your dream internships, job opportunities, and beyond. If you make it to the interview round, we have you covered for that step in your career, too.

Be You!

I can’t stress this enough! Be. Yourself. A cover letter may be a way to speak more about your accomplishments, but this is a time for you to show a piece of your personality, too. So, spice it up with some of your true self (appropriately of course) and the job is yours.

Use Fewer Words To Say More

There’s no reason to “beat around the bush” or have a lengthy two-page cover letter. The truth is: It’s not going to get read by a recruiter or hiring manager. Keeping it one page and getting straight to the point will definitely allow your cover letter to be read from start to finish. Keep it simple!

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Structure, Structure, Structure

One thing about cover letters is that they should be structured in an organized way that tells the recruiter you’re more than qualified for the position. Make sure your letter has three or four clear, short, and well-written paragraphs.

  • First Paragraph: The purpose of your writing (The “attention grabber!”).
  • Second Paragraph: What you can provide the company (skills, etc.).  
  • Third Paragraph: Your understanding of the business.
  • Fourth Paragraph: Your final and closing statement.

Humble Brag In Your Cover Letter

It’s okay to brag about yourself and your accomplishments. In fact, you should! Though, remember to be humble. Showing humility about your accomplishments and even weaknesses allows your genuine aura to come off the paper. So, don’t overcompensate, and keep it simple and humble.

Address The Hiring Manager In Your Cover Letter

Addressing the letter puts the icing on the cake. It shows that you have done the proper research about the company and it also shows your commitment and attention to detail. Addressing your cover letter to the right individual will help you make a great first impression. The hiring manager for the position you’re looking for should always be the receiver of a cover letter. Use the recruiting manager’s first and last name unless you are confident that the company has a more relaxed attitude. You can also use “Ms. or Mr.”

With these few tips, you’ll be cover letter ready! Good luck!

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