Within the last year, the fashion scene has seen a surge of graphic tees and grunge style. I’m happy to see that the fashion industry has taken a time machine back two decades straight to the ‘90s. The ‘90s were filled with oversized denim and graphic tops. Both girls and guys are wearing the trendy clothes from the past. Tanks, T-shirts and sweaters are all having funky sayings and prints painted on to the front.

This Fashionisto is hopping on the graphic bandwagon by sporting a crewneck sweatshirt that is a definite throwback. The weather is very inconsistent here in the Midwest, so this Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for the cool spring weather. His warm off-white crewneck is stamped on the chest with colored patterns and location. Clothes marked with places on the front are huge nowadays: Paris, New York and London to name a few. The growing popularity of graphic shirts is evident because it creates a cool and comfortable look on a consistent basis.

He paired his warm, graphic sweatshirt with a pair of dark gray Levis. Pairing dark on the bottom and a lighter-colored top is always a good idea, breaking up the outfit nicely. For shoes, he sports Timberland boots. To complete his look, he accessorizes with a black leather watch and Ray-Ban Aviators.

How To: Want to rock a graphic top? Make sure to pick up a tank top or a T-shirt this season. Make it a little more grunge with a flannel and darker colors. Make sure to experiment with layers, too. Wear a tank top and throw on a funky zip up for a little extra flare to your outfit.