Tie-dye shirts in the springtime are an absolute no brainer and necessity. They’re a throwback staple that provides a vibrant blend of colors perfect for the blossoming season. Identified as a long practiced DIY pastime among hippies and counter-culture members, the concept actually dates as far back as 5,000 years in ancient India. Known as Bandhani, this practice was recognized for its beautiful prints and speculated to be worn as sarees during royal marriage, which was also believed to bring about good fortune and prosperity for the bride-to-be. Withstanding the tests of time, tie-dying as some of us may know, has now collectively come to an association of both peace and liberation. A very fitting and chill history, if you ask me.

Sticking to that mood of good fortune and liberation, this Fashionisto is accepting good vibes only in a very laid back ensemble. The Stüssy T-shirt is a great wear for its colorway and design. Opposing traditional bright colors, this tie dye takes a more cooler approach with its hues by choosing more darker tones that give it a modernized spacey twist. The back of the shirt is my favorite aspect. Adding to Stussy’s usual list of populous cities places like Santa Ana, Brooklyn and Venice have been implemented as well. Great recognition for some sweet spots to vibe.

The light wash jean shorts are a perfect balance of vintage to give the entire look a more retro appeal. With black skate high Vans and mid socks thrown in, a dynamic feel of skater (great parallel with counter-culture) is incorporated. Usage of accessories for this look are minimal, but just the right amount to leave their own special flare. The Casio watch‘s aesthetic leaves opportunity to be just that right kind of finish for an outfit.

How To: Do you like the tie dye look? Well great news: Tie-dying is totally DIY and easy as one, two, three. Grab a plain white T-shirt and hit up your local craft store for any colors of your choice to get that perfect pattern of your dreams.