WHAT TO WEAR: Art Class Attire

WHAT TO WEAR: Art Class Attire

It’s hard to believe we’re already two months into 2017. While time is surely flying by, it can feel even faster if your school is on the quarter system. We’re on week eight and oh-so close to spring break. Before we dream of spring sunshine, we must get through the remains of winter quarter.

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that early morning classes are the ultimate struggle during winter quarter. It can be quite chilly outside (especially here at University of California Santa Cruz) and leaving your warm cozy bed is the last thing you want to do.

To battle the winter chill and early mornings, it’s always best to wear something you feel confident yet comfortable in. It’s proven that if you like your outfit, your day will be more productive… Dressing for success is totally a thing. On the way to my own morning class, this Fashionista’s effortlessly chic outfit caught my eye.  

I love the artistic flair that this “j’aime le cinema” T-shirt adds to this Fashionista’s look. She was heading out of an art studio class which made the outfit even more ideal and fitting. A quirky or statement graphic T-shirt is one of my favorite ways to make an everyday outfit more creative. If you’re a fan of minimalist attire and details like myself, I’m sure you appreciate the subtlety of this specific T-shirt. The complementing sherpa and leather jacket and leather platform sandals match perfectly while light wash boyfriend jeans add a nice contrast. All these different garments also add a balanced and aesthetically pleasing texture.

You’ve probably noticed that just about everyone is sporting graphic T-shirts at the moment, especially ones with empowering messages. Some of my favorites include “The Human Women’s Box” T-shirt that reads “100% Human” from Everlane or Reformation’s “Meow Tee” that reads “My Meow My Choice”. What’s super cool is that both Everlane and Reformation donate proceeds from these T-shirts to organizations including ACLU and Planned Parenthood. It’s a win-win situation when activism and fashion come together.

While this particular outfit was worn to a 9 a.m. art class, it could be worn essentially anywhere. This look is casual with the graphic T-shirt and jeans, yet smart with the leather details. It’s wearable for any activity from grocery shopping to attending a concert.

The next time you’re stuck trying to figure out what to slip on, whether it’s for class or to head downtown, I hope you keep this Fashionista’s versatile look in mind.