Midterm Study Outfits College Students Are Wearing Right Now

As we update our fall-weathered wardrobes, picking out the perfect midterm studying outfit should not be left out from the conversation. Exam season is approaching and it’s easy to get caught in fashion fatigue when our eyes are glued to computer screens and out of our closets. To prepare for a week of studying, note taking, and all between, College Fashionista spoke with seven students to highlight their takes on quintessential midterm looks. Be sure to put these wardrobe essentials on your radar for a comfortable yet stylish week of exams.

Image Via @tumi_adeyoju

Tumi’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: University of Houston

Major: Public Health

Combining street style with comfortability, Tumi loves to make a nod to ’90s influence when it comes to styling the perfect midterm wardrobe. Tumi ultimately prioritizes elevated style and ease, often wearing accessories like bucket hats, gold jewelry and flannels to accentuate looks.

This exam season, Tumi’s take on midterm trends include overalls, cardigans, flannels and of course sweatsuit sets — the ultimate closet essentials for every style enthusiast.

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Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label womens Overall


Jax Bucket Hat


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Katie’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: California State University Fullerton

Major: Communications

When it comes to Katie’s midterm look, comfort core is the main aesthetic! Clinging to minimalism, Katie opts for a tank top and jeans, and other times a casual sweatpants and baby tee combo. When on campus, you can catch Katie preparing for exams with an effortless updo, iced latte and a hydro flask in hand to match her stylish attire.

This exam season, Katie’s take on midterm trends include the classic academia crew socks with loafers combination, along with the latest UGG boots that is becoming every fashionista’s fall staple.

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Urban Renewal Remnants Fuzzy Baby Tee


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Women’s French Terry Wide Leg Lounge Pants – Colsie


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Alyssa’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: University of Southern California

Major: PhD Student–Biomedical and Biological Sciences

Arriving to exams, Alyssa’s midterm attire is comprised of effortless chic picks. Swearing by a casual yet stylish code, Alyssa’s go-to wardrobe includes comfortable mom jeans, cozy crop tops or bodysuits, an oversized button down and a pair of Nike shoes.

This exam season, Alyssa’s take on midterm trends include tote bags–an easy outfit elevator for studying basics!

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Essential Ribbed Squareneck Bodysuit


Image Via Gap Factory

High Rise Distressed Mom Jeans with Washwell


Image Via @hristiana713

Hristiana’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Major: Communications Major and Marketing Minor

When it comes to Midterm study style, Hristiana loves to wear pieces that can be comfortable when sitting for a long period of time. When it comes to Hristiana’s picks, flowy pants with a tank top paired with a light cardigan is what comes to mind–generating an practical yet timeless take on midterm fashion.

This exam season, Hristiana’s take on midterm trends include the casual tank top and leggings combo, paired with the current UGG boot takeover.

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Fine Knit Cardigan


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UGG Women’s Disquette Slipper


Image Via @alliahcabradilla

Alliah’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: University of California Merced

Major: Biological Sciences

Comfy sweats and oversized shirts are the essentials to Alliah’s midterm study wardrobe. Reeling from the late night study session and awaking for early morning exams, an oversized silhouette accompanied with some soft color will mix in stylish minimalism with comfortability.

This exam season, Alliah’s take on midterm trends include anything that delivers an oversized look.

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Oversized T-Shirt


Black Sweat Cuffed High Waist Joggers


Image Via @nicoleeoteero

Nicole’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: Laurel Ridge Community College

Major: Business

Moving towards an effortlessly chic aesthetic, Nicole’s midterm study wardrobe consist of headlining little details that make a big impact. To prep for a day scheduled with exams, Nicole opts for jeans and a cozy warm sweater to prioritize coziness for the chilly fall season.

This exam season, Nicole’s take on midterm trends include studying in coffee shops with friends dressed in stylish attire.

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PacSun Eco Light Acid Blue High Waisted Baggy Jeans


Image Via H&M

Knit Sweater


Image Via @leenajoshi1

Leena’s Midterm Study Wardrobe

School: University of Delhi

Major: Economics

Going by a neutral-coffee toned palette, Leena’s Midterm Study Wardrobe is the epitome of fall style. For a quintessential look, Leena loves to style a cropped tank-top with a cardigan jacket and a pair of cargo military bottoms. For outfit elevation, Leena grabs a pair of letter boots and some key accessories like silver rings, bracelets and chains to generate a head turning look.

This exam season, Leena’s take on midterm trends include tank tops and oversized jackets combined with school mini skirts and mid-length boots to complete.

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CashSoft Puff Sleeve Cardigan


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BDG Y2K Low-Rise Cargo Pant


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