How To Achieve Campus Ready Hair With These 7 Emi Jay Accessories

With back-to-school season lurking around the corner, the rush to update wardrobes, beauty regimens and schedules become even more urgent. Whether time is spent walking laps around the nearest shopping center in clothing stores or scrolling endlessly online for the latest beauty drop, the need for haircare often slips our minds–specifically hairstyles. But, with a little help from social media and Gen-Z experts, CF has discovered the perfect leading hair brand that will help you achieve effortless ‘campus ready’ hair this semester. 

Made entirely by hand, California based brand, Emi Jay, has all the quintessential pieces for a perfect hairdo. Building a community of elevated, effortless, and playful hair pieces for any and all types, the brand is currently sitting on internet fame and is loved among a long list of celebrities, influencers and hair enthusiasts. From claw clips, pin up sticks, headbands, scrunchies, and everything in between, each accessory comes in an array of colors, styles and designs to choose from; with the addition to customize select product pieces.

With a few purchases and a little pinterest stalking, CF has spilled 7 Emi jay accessories that will help deliver the perfect back-to-school hairstyles you’ll want to screenshot for your next inspiration. 

1. Pin Up Sticks

If you’re not set on a look and only have a few minutes to spare before hopping on zoom or running out the door, then these lover pin up sticks are for you! Coming in four colors, these sticks have a dotey heart shaped detail at the end with studs to match. For an effortlessly chic approach, placing your hair in a sleek low bun with these two accessories instantly gives it-girl energy.

Digital of Matilda Djerf Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Pinup Sticks In Lover Pink
Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

2. Big Daisy Clip

The rumors are true…the big daisy clip is too good to miss! Coming in six vibrant hues, not only does it add a sweet pop of color, it keeps a little bit of summer with you. Much like the big effing hair clip, there’s no tugging or pulling on strands and happily holds a full head of hair. 

Digital of Devin Apollon Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Big Daisy Clip In Hibiscus
Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

3. Cotton Headband

There’s nothing more groundbreaking than finding an accessory that doesn’t sabotage ‘Good Hair days’ – the cotton headband is just that! Made 100% from upcycled jersey material, this piece has a super soft material that will have you swooning in coziness. Whether you want to sport a sky-high pony, maxi-braid or full volume blowout, this headband adds a touch of casual comfort to your look for on or off campus days.

Digital of Cass Curteanu Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Cotton Headband in Pointelle Powder

Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

4. Sweetheart Clip In Cherry Pie

Coming in two colors, this claw clip is decorated in bright bedazzled cherries that adds a sweet touch. From dishing on reviews and personal experience, a huge plus about Emi Jay’s clips is that the claw is made to collect the right amount of hair for you. Whether your hair type is thin straight, thick curly, soft wavy or box braided; it packs in the perfect bunch of locks for your pleasure. Making it an easier way to style hair for when you have 5 minutes or 50 minutes to get ready for your next course. 

Digital of Olivia Rouyre Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Sweetheart Clip In Cherry Pie
Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

5. Picnic Scrunchie

Available in three prints, the picnic scrunchie is the ultimate accessory on the first day on campus! Going with all things chic, you can pair this with your favorite summer dress, halter top or tank to amplify a slicked back look.

Digital of Bella Hadid Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Plaid Scrunchie In Chai
Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

6. Big Effing Hair Clip

If you’re looking for an accessory to wear from dusk till dawn, then the big effing hair clip needs to be added to your cart. Being one of Emi Jay’s best sellers, this clip comes in a multitude of colors and patterns with the option to personalize with detailed rhinestones. Made for your everyday hair, it’s an essential accessory for a fully scheduled class day.

Digital of Bella Hadid Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Big Effing Hair Clip In Cosmic

Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

7. Cozy Scrunchie

With its multi-purpose abilities, the cloud scrunchie is a certified grab-and-go accessory! Designed to prevent hair breakage and damage with its soft and cloud-like material, it’s a must-have for achieving effortless updos. 

Digital of Hailey Bieber Via @EmiJay
Accessory: Tie Dye Scrunchie In Raspberry

Original Digital by Khayla Biscoe

Between us, there’s nothing more stressful than a bad hair day on the first day. But, with a helping hand from Emi Jay, there’s a wide range of hair accessories to stock up on to be prepared for back-to-school season. And with a few hair options wandering around your school bag, you’re guaranteed to create your own polarizing trend. 

Featured Image via Emi Jay. Design by Her Campus Media.