How to Wear One Pair of Boots for Nine Different College Occasions


From classes to clubs, presentations, and roomie dinners, your college calendar is probably packed with different occasions, especially as we approach midterms and the holidays. And when you’re busy running from one event to the next, it’s important to have boots that do it all while helping you show off your unique style.

With the new Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boot, the sky is the limit — both for your goals and your outfit choices. In the mood for some style inspo? Here’s how three college students are wearing their Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boot for different occasions:

Pamela, Fashion Institute of Technology

Grabbing Lunch with a Career Mentor

When you’re meeting up with someone who works in your dream field, you want a look that makes you feel confident. For lunch with a fashion industry mentor, Pamela styled her Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots with an oversized button-down, simple black skirt, and a classic shoulder bag.

Meeting Up with a Study Group

Getting together with your classmates to prep for your next exam? Pamela styled her boots with an on-trend bodysuit and oversized cardigan for a cozy yet studious vibe.

Working on a Trend Report Presentation

Let’s be honest — class presentations can be nerve-wracking, but the right preparation (and the right outfit) will give you a major confidence boost. I love how Pamela took her simple trousers and black long-sleeve combo and elevated it with the statement-making Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boot. This look gets an A+ from me!

Maya, Texas A&M University

Going to Class

While there’s nothing wrong with rocking cozy loungewear to class, sometimes you want to spice up your on-campus look. For a day of classes, Maya paired some relaxed denim shorts with a neutral halter top and a pair of Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots.

Exploring Your City

No matter how long you’ve lived in your city, there are always new things to discover. For a day of sightseeing, Maya styled her Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots with timeless white shorts and a simple graphic tee.

Networking at an Influencer Event

Influencer events are a great way to connect with fellow creators and show off your personal style. Maya’s combo of jeans, boots, and a crocheted crop top is perfect for any type of event — and I’m obsessed with how she folded over her waistband to lean into the low-rise trend.

Noelle, American University

Morning Hot Girl Walk

Who doesn’t love starting the day by getting outside for a hot girl walk? Of course, you need boots that can keep up with every step — and the Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boot is a perfect choice. For her morning walk, Noelle styled her boots with black biker shorts, a gray tank top, and a cozy knit cardigan (essential for those chilly fall days!).

Directing a Short Film

Calling all film girlies: When you’re busy setting up shots, calling out cues, and bringing your vision to life, you need a look that can match your energy. So, take some inspo from Noelle’s on-set look! She paired her Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots with a black overall dress and a white collared tee for a fit that’s equal parts functional and fashionable.

Taking Yourself on a Date

It’s time to enter your self-love era, besties. For her date with herself, Noelle dressed up in a classic denim jacket, colorful tank top, and chic black shorts. She topped off the look with her Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots, then headed out for a delicious dinner for one. Yum!

Ready to turn your fall fashion looks into bold style statements? Head to to snag your pair of Timberland Sky 6-Inch Lace-Up Boots!

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