Make Your 8 A.M. *So* Much Easier With Our Morning Class Survival Guide


So, the class registration cards weren’t in your favor, and despite your best efforts, you had to sign up for that dreaded 8 a.m. Or, maybe you chose early classes on purpose and are seriously regretting your decision now that the school year is in full swing (Trust me, I’ve been there). 

No matter how you ended up with morning classes, one thing’s for certain: They can be tough to manage, especially if you’re not a morning person. From waking up without snoozing your alarm a million times to doing your makeup in minutes, you’ll need to plan carefully to get to class on time (and be able to grab your morning coffee on the way!). 

The good news? You don’t have to struggle through your 8 a.m. classes on your own. We’re sharing all of the tips and tricks you need to become a morning class queen this semester. So load up your school bag, set your alarm, and slay your semester! 

Prep the Night Before

No one wants to spend their limited time in the morning rushing around and trying to find all of the things they need for class. Instead, take some time the night before to prep for the day ahead. Here are a few easy ways you can set yourself up for success:

  • Pack up your school bag with everything you’ll need for the day (Think: your textbooks, wallet, keys, and laptop!).
  • Tidy up your makeup station and put your go-to products front and center.
  • Check that all of your devices are charged.
  • If you won’t have time for the dining hall, set out an easy, on-the-go snack like a granola bar or a piece of fruit.
  • Set a few alarms to make sure you don’t oversleep.

Of course, you can’t forget your morning class fit! Picking out your looks ahead of time can make your morning so much easier and help you avoid that dreaded “I have nothing to wear” moment. Whether you’ll be rocking a cargo skirt, crop tee, and varsity jacket or baggy jeans, a corset top, and a cozy zip-up, try on your look ahead of time to make sure it fits the vibe you’re going for. Then, lay out your top, bottoms, shoes, and accessories so you can wake up, get dressed, and head to class!

Create A Get-Ready Playlist

We all know that one of the best parts of going out to dinner with friends or a special event is belting out your fave songs while getting ready. So, why not bring this same idea to your morning routine? Create a playlist with all your most-played songs — from Y2K throwbacks to the latest indie bops — and turn it on while you do your skincare, makeup, and hair to make your morning a lot more fun! (Dorm-room dancing is optional, but always encouraged.)

Choose A Cute But Comfy Fit

@alyssamckayyy my absolute fave jeans rn 😻 @Garage Clothing never misses 💫 #iweargarage #garagepartner ♬ See You Again (feat. Kali Uchis) – Tyler, The Creator

When you have to wake up early, it can be tempting to simply roll out of bed, slip on your most worn-in sweats, and head out the door. But putting on a cute fit in the morning can be a *major* mood boost that leaves you feeling confident and ready to take on the day. 

Your look doesn’t need to be complicated, either. If you prefer to stay comfortable while you’re taking notes and working on group projects, pick out pieces that are on-trend and feel as cozy as PJs. And don’t worry besties, because we have some comfy-but-cute style inspo for you — try recreating these fits to turn heads during your next 8 a.m. class:

Team Up With Your Besties

Know anyone else who has a morning class this semester? Having someone around to hold you accountable (and to struggle through early wake-up calls with), can be super helpful for making sure you actually get up and make it to class. This could be as simple as sending a daily “wake-up reminder” text or having a mandatory dining hall or coffee shop meet-up each morning.

Reward Yourself (You Deserve It!)

As someone who *loves* a little treat, I’m a huge believer in rewarding yourself for getting through tough days (even if your day was only tough because you had to wake up early). Not only do rewards help you feel good in the moment, but they’ll also motivate you to keep up with your goals and commitments. 

So, when you make it through a week of morning classes with no skips or oversleeping, don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a yummy iced coffee, your fave take-out meal, or that new maxi dress you’ve been eyeing! 

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