The Major Aesthetic Trend Designers Are Channeling Right Now

And just like that, “Fashion Month” has officially ended! Every year, September through October is one of the most highly anticipated periods within the fashion industry, as the “Big Four” Fashion Weeks take place in NYC, Paris, Milan, and London.

There were plenty of noteworthy moments that came out of this year’s Fashion Month. A few include Cher’s appearance on the catwalk wearing a Bailman catsuit, Doja Cat’s golden get-up during Paris Fashion Week, and Bella Hadid’s viral spray-paint stunt for Coperni. My greatest takeaway, however, was the confirmation from trend-setting designers that the public’s 2023 spring/summer trend predictions were spot on!

Society continues to demand a shift toward an inclusive and gender-equal reality, which has influenced the media and pop culture to follow suit. “Hyper-femininity” has become one of the most mutually predicted aesthetics of the season, across all industries.For example, Greta Gerwig’s live-action “Barbie” movie is an ode to empowerment and radical femininity. Luckily for us, this concept has spilled over into the world of fashion, with endorsements from even Vogue.

Hard-core themes of femininity were identifiable throughout the entire Fashion Month, as it infiltrated the runways left and right! College Fashionista has rounded up 5 designers that nodded to the ultra-femme trend of the season, characterized by energetic colors, flowy fabrics, flattering cut-outs, and romantic silhouettes. 

Photo via Blumarine

01. Blumarine

Founded in 1977, this Italian fashion brand has earned the likeness of some of our favorite muses such as Rihanna and Dua Lipa. This season, form-fitting and bright-colored garments draped striking models, solidifying Blumarine’s efforts for a femme fantasy world!

Photo via Mirror Palais

02. Mirror Palais

Mirror Palais has taken fashion month by storm! This new and iconic NYC-based womenswear brand circulated as one of New York Fashion Week’s most memorable collections. The “About” page on their website even identifies the brand as a “love letter to women.”

Photo via Farfetch

03. Nensi Dojaka

Intricately trimmed ballgowns composed of chiffon and pink sequins, can you ask for much more? Nensi Dojaka’s Spring 2023 collection featured heart outlines, bright pinks and purples, and playful cut-outs, certainly making them on-trend for the Spring. 

Image via Versace

04. Versace 

The label’s Creative Director, Donatella Versace, found a way to make monochromatic flamboyant, sultry, and daring in her Spring 2023 collection showcased in Milan. The collection even featured Paris Hilton in a hot pink bedazzled look, which screams nothing but “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world,” and I love it!

Image via Vivetta

05. Vivetta

For Vivetta, the more razzle-dazzle, the merrier! This collection incorporated endless diamonds and rhinestones, youthful floral decals, fur trims, and vibrant hues to institute their approach to unapologetic feminine energy during Milan Fashion Week!

It’s empowering to see that this pro-woman trend is resonating with designers on a global scale. Women across the world are reclaiming their freedom and independence, especially within their clothing expression. This trend is much more than flirty silhouettes and y2k inspo, it’s about radical feminine expression that institutes empowerment and strength, all while shamelessly advocating the pro-pink agenda!

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