The Summertime Cleanse Everyone Must Try

Summer’s officially here: the days are longer, the temperature’s warmer, and you’re happier… right? Unfortunately, the third statement isn’t always true. Despite the perceived “stress-free” season, people still face varying forms of depression; however, we must strive to combat sadness. Can you think of any methods? If not, I have you covered. Here are five remedies I utilize which gradually but surely enable me to feel better about myself and my life each and every day. I call it the “summertime cleanse.” You’re naturally ridding yourself of any worries, stress, or grief you may encompass.

1—Exercise. Any type of exercising, whether it’s cardio, yoga, lifting, etc. can be very therapeutic. During exercise, negative energy is released and transformed into positive energy. When I want to get away from the gym, I go to the local track or run around my neighborhood. Exercising shouldn’t be a drag. I have found once you make it a part of your everyday routine, you become more motivated and feel and look great. There’s nothing more rewarding than that post workout feeling.

2—Shopping. There’s a saying that “the best things in life are free,” but the person who said that must’ve forgotten about shopping. If exercise doesn’t suit you, shopping will because after all, if you’re a passionate Fashionista/o, you would agree that nothing gets us going as much as shopping. What’s better than shopping? Shopping with your best friend, of course.

3—Indulge. Treat yourself because you deserve it. Go to your favorite café and splurge on that $5.00 drink to satisfy that drink craving. Your happy taste buds will thank you later. I have a theory that coffee actually brightens your mood.

4—Find your oasis. When I need some peace of mind, I go to one of my favorite scenic places alone to think. The world’s a pretty big place, and there’s a place for everyone—find yours!

5—Focus on your passion. Think of something you’re passionate about and do it. Not only are you filling your heart, but you’re keeping your mind occupied which is key to solving some inner conflicts. For example, sticking my nose into fashion magazines and creating mood boards helps me get my mind off of other things.

These tips are a few out of countless others you can attempt to relieve internal stress, but you should experiment and discover what works best for you!

The first step is to admit you need help and then proceed in seeking help. Learning to love yourself and attaining self-fulfillment is a journey. The journey is neither quick nor easy; however, it’s feasible. It requires support, time, and effort. There are numerous sorts of beauty around you—the one you especially should notice is yourself. Everything is temporary and I truly believe depression is too. Work to improve your mental health because you’re #WorthIt.

How will you radiate positivity, self-love, and beauty this summer? Comment below or let us know on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista!