Be One Of The First Fashionistas To Try The Peep App


Whether you’re a fan of it or not, AI is all around us. From writing tools such as Grammarly all the way to dating apps such as Blush, AI is working its way into a wide array of industries. Now, this technology can be used to make all of your personal fashion and style dreams come true, too. Enter the Peep app.

Launched in mid-May for select users, Peep uses AI and lens technology to find exact products or similar dupes when you load in any camera roll screenshot or new photo. And the app is totally free!

“At Peep, we believe in ‘No more gatekeeping!’ We’re more than just simplifying shopping; we’re helping people get access to all the information they need to become their most creative and expressive versions of themselves, effortlessly and without limitations,” Peep founder and CEO Jill Wilson says.

peep app
[Photo via Peep]

How does the Peep app work?

After installing the app, you can easily upload photos from your collection or snap pics in real time of products you see. In seconds, it will show you similar items from major retailers as well as thrifted options on Depop and beyond. In fact, if you’re an eclectic collector or looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can turn on Peep’s secondhand filter to browse pre-loved pieces.

However, if you’re looking to expand your wardrobe and Pinterest inspo pics just aren’t cutting it, Peep has a “Discovery” tab showcasing trendy, buzzy, and seasonal style ideas.

Plus, you can build out your own collections on the Peep app, such as organizing outfit ideas for your new internship to planning out what you’re going to wear on a week-long vacation. 

How do I get early access to the app?

If you’re interested in being an early access member to Peep, College Fashionista can help. Simply head to the app store to find the app, and download the free Peep app here. Upon downloading, you’ll enter the invite code: OURPEEPS.

Hooray! You’re in! Then, you’ll type in a few pieces of info including your name and birthdate, then you’re ready to peep some new looks. You can upload pictures from your own camera roll or take pictures as you go. Aside from finding fashion items and accessories, Peep can even pulls info for the likes of water bottles, video game controllers, planters, and beyond. It can really find anything.

peep app
[Photo via Peep, Maria Serra]

Upgrade your closet, living room, kitchen, and beyond with Peep ASAP.