STYLE GURU STYLE: Pineapple Bright

You can probably see that these pictures are not taken in my average Uppsala in Sweden. You’re right, I’m on my dream vacation in Miami. For me, planning a long vacation equals writing several lists of all of the possible things I might need while in the destination, and what could be more exciting than getting to actually do all of the packing?

I can think of many things that I find more pleasant than packing for basically anything. I consider myself as a not-so-great packer who always ends up with way too much or way too little in my baggage. After a long winter in cold Sweden, it seemed like a disaster to find something in my closet that would be light and colorful enough for me to love here in the warmth of Florida. I only need a couple of new clothes that I will happily wear for multiple days on this trip, I figured. It was time to go shopping.

Luckily I found these two things that have turned out to be my trip’s ultimate favorites: a small and endlessly cute pineapple bag that is a perfect match with this new, yellow blazer. I paired those two golden items with some white trousers, a simple black tank top and black heels. To be honest, while taking these pictures I realized that this outfit was way too heavy for today’s weather, but hey—it’s all about style and class, isn’t it?

Something else that hasn’t really been going on for me this year is a nice and natural sun-kissed skin. Now, after a while of being here, I don’t need to be carrying several makeup products in this pineapple bag because the sun really makes the skin naturally glow. However, a total vacation must-have is bright nail polish, and this week it’s classy red.

This outfit has seen so pretty palm trees and restaurants it’s hard to describe. It has survived a couple of spots caused by a frozen Piña Colada, a bit too much sunscreen and a terrible washing machine that I have in my apartment. But the pop of yellow is still making me happy every time I wear it. I blend in with the wonderful, pastel-colored buildings of the Art-Deco District of Miami Beach just the perfect amount.