It’s the middle of the winter, and we all struggle to keep up with new trends at this time. Why is this? The weather! It is always hard to show some skin with layers and layers of clothes on. I usually go against my will power and sprint out of my apartment to where the party is as fast as I can. This way, I can be edgy and save myself from a longer duration in the cold.

There is one trend I am obsessed with right now for winter style: fishnets. Yes, the tights with holes that we wear under our Halloween costume. This has become a major trend in  high fashion and street style lately. What’s great about these is that you can wear them and still stay warm. My favorite way to wear these is under a pair of destroyed denim. You can stay warm and still see the fishnets peek through. For extra exposure, a cropped hoodie pairs well for a street style look. Another way is with a T-shirt dress, leather jacket, and thigh-high or chunky lace-up heels.

If you’re afraid to try this trend, don’t be! It is a subtle way to add sexiness and edge to any casual outfit. What I love about it is that it creates a high fashion look with one simple accessory. It is also super fun to wear these. I feel so confident and always get compliments on how I style them. So, try it out! I guarantee you’ll feel the same way. Until next time, Fashionistas!