How To Style Your Favorite Top In 5 Unique Ways

I love to switch up my wardrobe entirely, though that isn’t always the most realistic. Throughout this article, I will be styling one top in a variety of different ways for the approaching winter season. I hope that you, fellow college fashionistas, take inspiration from the various combinations and the idea of reusing our wardrobes.

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For this week of outfits, I’ll be styling a white thin strapped button-down tank top. I wanted to use a top similar to one most readers might have in their closet already; any basic tank or tee will do (black, white, nude, navy blue). If you’re looking for a top similar to the specific one I’m styling, I found the cutest dupe here!

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the looks. 

Pop of Color & Pattern

Photo via @katiiekleiin

If you’re ever lost for a winter outfit combination and need a place to begin, try combining a pop of color with a pattern! Whether that pop of color is your outerwear, your beanie, or your shoes, start there and incorporate a busier, patterned piece for contrast. 

For my take on this pop of color and pattern combination, I coupled one of my favorite jackets (it’s red, suede, and a sweater, how could it get better? Rhyme intended) with a black and white houndstooth baker boy style cap. The featured white tank paired with a denim maxi skirt, black crew socks, and brown loafers matched with the red outerwear and the patterned cap make for both an easy and easy-on-the-eye OOTD.

Bubble braids are one of my favorite hairstyles for days when I want my hair out of my face in a fashion-friendly style, and they’re somehow even cuter under a cap! Crew socks and loafers are a perfect combination for this (every) season and continuously reign as my go-to. 

Lovely Layers

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No need to pack up your go-to summer tops just yet, there might be a way to let them shine year-round. Introducing: layering season! This might be one of my favorite looks featuring my buttoned white tank because, until this fit, I had rotated my black mesh long sleeve to the back of my closet. That top in particular is an ultra crop top, and I thought it was simply getting too chilly to wear it. Yet by adding my white tank on top, I’ve just achieved another layer of coverage— boom, layering season. Mini skirts are a must for me year round, and I love a good tights moment. The best part of all? These two staples complement each other perfectly!

Next: add your stompers and complementary accessories; for this look, I used black ribbon as a necklace and love the way it adds some elegance to the fit. My favorite winter hack for my tall boots is a pair of thermal socks to keep my toes nice and warm. If you’re in need of some extra warmth, this combination would pair beautifully with your fav leather jacket (soon to be styled in this article) and a pair of legwarmers

Baby, You're So Classic

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This one… this one holds a special place in my heart. Sometimes classic denim is the key component to a killer OOTD. Even though this outfit is the simplest of the five, it’s one of my favorites because every so often… (can you believe I’m saying this) less is more. There’s nothing like the comfort of your favorite jeans and there’s definitely nothing like the sass of a vintage suede jacket. 

I paired this gentle outfit with one-inch white heels and a short chained pretty bronze and jade necklace to elevate the outfit. One of the hottest combinations, in my opinion: a rich brown and denim.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Cool Girl Casual

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Black and white and black and blue! High-waisted jeans paired with socks and platform sandals give the ultimate cool girl casual vibe. Pair the look with some sunnies and fun arm warmers (hot girl headphones for that extra mmph) and you’re ready to go! Comfortable and casual, this outfit is great for any breezy fall afternoon. Arm warmers keep you cozy without the extra warmth of a jacket or full sleeves on days when you need that perfect in-between! Hairstyle tip: topknot and tie a ribbon around your bun in a color you want to incorporate further into your outfit to add some spice to that easy, messy bun.

Sophisticated Rock

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One winter staple if not the winter staple is a solid leather jacket. By adding a leather jacket to simplistic looks and wild looks alike, you’ve instantly added a special layer of “cool”. If you’re on the hunt for your perfect leather jacket, keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit the thrift store. Tip: if you can’t find what you’re looking for at your local thrift but have friends in other cities, ask them if they might keep an eye out for you too! Sustainability slay. 

Pairing a staple piece like the leather jacket with a few feminine elements for contrast, in turn, creates an eye-catching ensemble. I styled our featured white button-down tank with green corduroy bottoms, black crew socks not complete without chunky black loafers, of course. For the desired softer elements, I accessorized with a white ribbon as a necktie (easiest and most versatile accessory, I’m telling you) and a cream knit hat. Can I get a thrift yeah?

Think of this tank like the pair of magical jeans in The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants: styled a multitude of ways, fabulous each time. The fun part about this styling challenge is the way it could have kept going, though I can say I’m ready to retire miss white tank for a minute or two. I think she will be okay, considering the amount of love she was shown these past few weeks. We can’t be neglecting the rest of the eager-to-be-styled tops, can we now?

Featured image via @katiiekleiin. Design by Her Campus Media/Jan Kopriva of Unsplash.