January 11th, 2017 at 2:00am

Hello, fellow Fashionistas! I’m Raven Hogan, and I am a junior studying broadcast media and marketing at the University of North Texas.

Since I was a little girl, I have always been in love with fashion. I had books of clothing sketches that I had designed, and I even made my own doll clothes! Whether picking out the perfect outfit for Barbie’s night out with Ken or playing dress up in my mom’s oversize clothes, I’ve always had a sense of style and coordination. Now that I am older, my love for creativity and expression has expanded since the dollhouse days. I am thrilled to have an outlet such as CollegeFashionista to showcase my passion for fashion. My many other passions include writing and photography which are favored on my list. So naturally, pairing up with CollegeFashionista this year is the perfect fit.

Fashion is something that has multiple meanings, multiple languages. It is style that is tailored to the individual that embarks upon it. When you instantly notice a person who has that “it” factor, simply from the style that they own—that’s fashion. It’s noticeable, it’s unique, it’s you. My favorite time to rock my style is when it’s time to go out to an event. Depending on my mood and where I’m headed, my go-to style ranges from chic, glamorous, and trendy, to sporty, street, and casual. When I choose an outfit for the day, I look to create a style that shows off who I am.

For this look, I chose to showcase one of my favorite fall/winter styles. I styled a mockneck bodycon dress with a pair of the ever-so-trendy thigh-high boots. To give the outfit more color and dimension, I added a shawl. As for accessories, I went with a wardrobe staple: a gold watch, plus, a pair of oversize round frame glasses, and pearl studs, you know, to keep the chic. For my hair, I rocked a top knot bun and fringed bangs. Last but not least, I went with a warm brown and neutral makeup look with a clean winged liner.

As a first time Style Guru, I am beyond ready to showcase my personal style and reveal the hidden gems that University of North Texas has to offer. Remember, Fashionistas, fashion isn’t hard to get. It’s the confidence that you own that isn’t on the rack.