How to Style This Winter’s Trendiest Shoe: Moon Boots

Initially launched in 1969 by Giancarlo Zanatta, Moon Boots circulated as a sturdy, practical, and insulated approach to footwear for ski enthusiasts. Inspired by the infamously stocky boot worn by astronauts during the Apollo II moon landing, the Moon Boot was a reliable option to provide protection and warmth while fighting off frigid weather and relentless snow. However, it wasn’t until the early 2000s that the moon boot stomped its way into the closets of fashion icons such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Paris Hilton. 

Recently, celebrities, influencers, and style fanatics have relived the 2000s Moon Boot moment, and the trend is picking up this season more than ever. If you are interested in hopping on this ginormous boot craze, keep reading for four ways to style the winter’s shoe staple!

Image via Neiman Marcus

Icon Bicolor Lace-Up Short Snow Boots

Available in Platinum or Silver. $215

Image via Revolve

Icon Nylon Boot

Available in Bougainvillea or Cream. $185.

Image via Moon Boot

Icon White Nylon Boots

Available in white. $185.

Image via Dua Lipa

01. Irresistibly Oversized

Our favorite style icon has done it again. Dua Lipa has styled her “Icon Low Nylon Boot” in this effortless way, that I can’t help but love. Lipa has decided to continue the boot’s voluminous nature throughout her concert rehearsal fit by pairing them with wide-leg trousers and another bulky fan-favorite– the “Yeezy Gap Round Jacket“. The sizable silhouette of the boots, pants, and puffer makes Lipa’s outfit irresistibly oversized! 

TikTok via @ashley.kaylen

02. Ballet Boot-Core

If I had to describe 2023 fashion with one word, it would be “innovation”. Influencer @ashley.kaylen has done just that, by adorning her white moon boots with pink ribbons, a reimagined take on everyone’s favorite– the “ballet-core” trend. Try spicing up your moon boots with extra trimmings this winter and beyond!

Image via Bretman Rock

03. All White After Labor Day

Bretman Rock flaunts his white Nylon Moon Boots in this monochromatic ensemble that just screams winter! It’s safe to say that the industry has debunked the myth that you can’t wear white after labor day, by making all-white outfits one of the staple trends of the fall, winter, and spring! Pair your white or cream moon boots with a crisp, white outfit and you’ll be on trend this season and next!

moon boots
Image via @za.r.ia

04. The Well Balanced ‘Fit

Punk, grunge, whatever you want to call it– 2023 will continue to see the alternative fashion aesthetic that is taking over the internet. However, the once hardcore niche is now calling for a softer touch by incorporating shorter skirts, lighter hues, and more romantic silhouettes. The moon boot has always been an alt-favorite due to its outlandishly oversized form, and by pairing it with a miniskirt and crop top like influencer and fashion designer @za.r.ia, the outfit balances grunge and femininity seamlessly!

Featured image via @dualipa. Design by Her Campus Media.