STYLE ADVICE: The Modern Mom Jeans

Fashion is a fickle, yet comfortingly cyclic force. What is old will eventually become new again. And rather appropriately, this rule applies directly to one denim trend that has recently made its way back into the closets of Fashionistas everywhere: the mom jeans. You know the ones—those high-waisted, light wash, baggy jeans worn in the ‘90s that were condemned as a horrible fashion faux pas on Saturday Night Live’s “Mom Jeans” skit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in 2003.  Well, moms everywhere have the last laugh, because these jeans have cycled back into fashion as the new cool girl denim trend to have for this spring.

Fashionistas left and right have been trading their spandex skinny jeans and jeggings for laid-back denim styles that offer more comfort and more personality. Denim has been taking center stage with its heavy distressing, varied cuts, washes, and treatments, and unique details such as embroidery and patchwork. Luckily, the mom jeans that are currently in fashion have been updated with a variety of washes and distressing techniques to keep them modern.

This Fashionista shows how you can elevate your mom jeans with some key layering pieces and styling tricks. First, she knots a striped shirt and adds a belt to highlight, rather than hide, her waist. Her silk scarf and sleek sunglasses add some polish and sophistication while her black bucket bag and lace-up black sandals keep the outfit current. Then, she throws on a black leather motorcycle jacket to give her outfit the right amount of edge. These polished, modern elements added to her outfit leave any “frumpy mom” associations back in the ‘90s.

So, let your denim take the spotlight this spring. Set aside your basic skinny jeans and try out some of the new denim trends whether that be embroidery, distressing, or mom jeans. Who knows? Maybe we can kick the “frumpy mom jeans” stereotype out the door for good.