3 Ways to Level Up Your Layering This Fall

Fall cold fronts are on the rise, and it is time to start dressing the part. Lately, I’ve been finding myself falling victim to the afternoon campus sun (definitely feeling the “sweat” in sweater). It’s that weird time of fall where it’s not quite cold enough to bust out the winter gear, but not nearly warm enough for those high-waisted jean shorts you bought three weeks ago. 

The solution to the hot and cold madness? Layers! Here is a list of 3 ways to level up your layering game this fall.

Photo via @adrianao2003

Mix Textures

This is my personal favorite way to create a more dynamic neutral fit. Think leather with linens, wool and rayon, and silks with cotton. @adrianao2003 has mastered this style- pairing an organic knit sweater by @racerworldwide with an embellished button-down, mid-length black sweat-shorts, and a leather crossbody. @alysgold gives some extra depth to a basic white button-down with the addition of a bralette, mesh top, tights, chunky loafers, and a long jean jacket to tie it all together. Top both looks off with some mismatched gold-silver pieces, and you’re ready to stand out. 

Photo via Racer Worldwide

Beige Cross Net Sweater

Racer Worldwide


Photo via Free People

Hometown Double Cloth Buttondown

Free People


Photo via Springy Jeans

Unisex Champion Sweatshorts

Springy Jeans


Photo via Studs

Two Tone Linked Oval Hoop



Photo via PacSun

Playboy by PacSun Simple Bunny Necklace



Photo via @alysgold
Photo via Amazon

Women's Lace Patchwork Cami



Photo via ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Cropped Long Sleeve Mesh Top in Black



Photo via Amazon

Women's Dressy Blouse



Photo via Free People

Vegan Pleated Micro Mini Skirt

Free People


Photo via Princess Polly

Unchained Patent Loafer

Princess Polly


Photo via ASOS

Topshop 70s Chuck-on Denim Jacket in Mid Blue



Photo via @socalstylings

Keep It Monochromatic

We all love a good monochrome moment. One of my favorite things about this layering trend is its versatility and ease. It’s not hard to find five pieces in different tones of the same color and throw them all on for a genuine, effortlessly chic uniform perfect for any function. @socalstylings keeps it classic yet edgy with their all-black Stray Kids concert fit, featuring several closet staples like a leather crop, tank bodysuit, statement belt, and a black midi skirt. 

Photo via Garage

Crop Moto Jacket



Photo via ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Pleated Midi Skirt in Black



Photo via Lulus

Basic Black Tank



Photo via Amazon

Women's Vintage Western Leather Belt



Photo via @katiiekleiin

Mix Patterns

With younger fashion icons like Emma Chamberlain and Olivia Rodrigo taking more and more risks with their style, mixed patterns have swiftly made their way into the collective Gen Z closet. Similar to mixed textures, mixed patterns allow for further depth, intricacy, and an opportunity to tell a story through fashion. @katiiekleiin uses this tactic to level up a basic two-piece layered fit with a lace undershirt and a color-blocked dress.

Photo via Urban Outfitters

Tyla Sheer Lace Turtleneck Top

Urban Outfitters


Photo via Cider

13 Going on 30 Multicolor Cut-out Dress



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