7 Scarf-As-Top Outfits to Get You Through the Last Few Weeks of Summer

Scarf As A Top Outfit

At this point, my mind is 99.9% focused on fall fashion. I’m just as excited for oversize denim and sweater weather as you are—if not more. But, as I’ve been prepping to pack away my shorts and sundresses for the season, there’s a tiny little part of me that can’t stop thinking about what to wear during these last few blistering hot weeks of August.

Enter: the silk scarf. No matter how you knot it, a silky scarf worn as a top is the chicer alternative to the tube-tops we’ve all been crushing on this summer but it’s still just as easy to throw (okay, more like tie) on during a hot day. Not to mention, you can easily find one of these vintage printed squares at your local thrift store or burried in your grandma’s closet. Pair it with jeans, tie it up like a halter, or knot it like a bandeau—with endless ways to style it, a silk scarf is bound to become your wardrobe MVP as summer comes to a close. Keep reading to see how seven College Fashionista Community Members are wearing their scarves as tops during these last few warm days of the year.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Classic
PHOTO: Ellie Kim, Fordham University

Make Sure Your Scarf Stands Out With an Otherwise Simple Outfit

The simplest way to wear a scarf as a top? Fold it on a diagonal and tie it—it’s that easy. To make the scarf the star of the show, this Community Member kept every other aspect low-key, from her basic white sneakers to her simple hoops and classic mom jeans.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Tube Top
PHOTO: Daniela Karpenos, University of Wisconsin Madison

Tuck the Bottom of Your Scarf in if You're Still Not Over the Tube-Top Trend

Tube-tops have been the move this summer and, like I mentioned earlier, swapping one out for a scarf is a great way to add a fashion-forward twist to all your heatwave-approved ‘fits. To replicate the shape of your favorite warm-weather staple, simply tuck the bottom of your tied top in. Add summer ready accessories (a Ring Pop is a must) and you’ll be ready for whatever the heat throws your way. 

Scarf As A Top Outfits Tied In Front
PHOTO: Sierra Mayhew, University of Notre Dame

Knot Your Scarf In the Front for a Laid-Back, Easy Summer Look

Instead of knotting her scarf in the back, this Community Member tied hers in the front and tucked it into a denim skirt. This laid-back look would be perfect for a day spent or picnicking with friends before you make your way back to campus.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Maximalist
PHOTO: Ninah Caquias, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Release Your Inner Maximalist by Styling Your Scarf with Bold Accessories

If you’re a maximalist when it comes to fashion throw on some bold accessories to complete your scarf-as-a-top outfit. A chunky necklace is the perfect way to fill the space of your scarf top’s strapless neckline without being too overpowering—not that that’s a bad thing.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Halter Top
PHOTO: Anna McLaughlin, École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode

Stay Cool on the Hottest Days by Tying Your Scarf Into A Halter-Top

Ready to get crafty? Twist that silky scarf into a halter top by tying two corners around your neck and the other two around your waist. While you may need to grab your BFF to help you knot this top in place, the easy-breezy style is perfect for those final sweltering hot days.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Bandeau
PHOTO: Kaelani Lujan, Cal Poly Pomona

Swap Out Your Favorite Bikini Top With a Bandeau-Style Scarf for the Perfect Poolside #OOTD

With only a handful of beach days left this summer, I’m all about finding looks that really stand out (and make for a great Instagram). Swap out your go-to bikini top for a scarf tied into a bandeau. Sure, you may not be able to take a dip in the water but this scarf-as-a-swimsuit-top moment is perfect for lounging poolside and working on your tan.

Scarf As A Top Outfits Boho
PHOTO: Itzy Canales, University of California Santa Barbara

Channel Festival Vibes Long After Festival Season Ends With On-Trend Boho Accents

One of the saddest parts of summer ending; the end of music festival season that comes with it. Channel festival vibes all the way into the warmer days of fall by finishing off you scarf-as-a-top outfit with trendy boho accents like a netted tote, vintage stacked sandals, and round framed sunglasses.

How have you worn a scarf as a top this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

Opening Image by Itzy Canales