Trust Me — You Need to Try These Winter Layering Hacks

Trust Me — You Need to Try These Winter Layering Hacks

As the winter season officially begins and temperatures decrease, my clothing layers are now increasing. I always admired those who wear skirts out in negative degree weather since it almost feels impossible to not be shivering without wearing a heavy parka. That is, until I discovered a handful of winter layering hacks through my favorite source, TikTok. “Get Ready with Me” videos have taken over my for you page, but I’m not mad about it because I have learned countless fashion tips from them — especially when it comes to winter layering tips.

The days of covering up my black mini skirt and chunky knit sweater are now over! Turns out, you don’t have to sacrifice style to stay warm. That’s why I have gathered up some of my favorite layering hacks that will help you achieve the goal of showing off your style without drowning it under a winter coat. 

PHOTO: @olyalmet

Add Skin-Toned Leggings Under Your Sheer Tights

Here’s the secret winter layering hack to wearing your favorite sheer tights under a skirt or dress: Nude leggings. Put on a pair of skin-toned leggings and add your sheer tights over. These nude leggings ($58) will act as a “second skin”, keeping you extra warm. If you want to upgrade your outfit, feel free to layer patterned tights ($28) instead of a sheer, black pair.

PHOTO: @amiahkailee

Layer Turtlenecks Under Literally Everything

This may be the original layering tip, but can sometimes be forgotten. A simple turtleneck ($25) will be your best friend when putting on any outfit. Wear one under a crewneck, dress, or a sweater vest for added warmth.

PHOTO: @_valerieescobar_

Wear a Sweater Over Your Dresses

Layering a sweater ($25) over a dress has been one of the most popular winter layering hacks this year. It transforms your dress into a skirt and adds an extra warm layer! Make sure to check out this TikTok for exactly how to nail this hack.

PHOTO: @erinpdoherty

Cabin Socks All Day, Everyday

Instead of doubling up on socks for platform docs every day, opt for some thicker socks ($12). Sometimes two (or three!) pairs regular socks just aren’t warm enough, which is where crew cabin socks come in handy.

PHOTO: @sydneyfrost

Invest in Fleece Lined Basics

Invest in a good fleece lined, long sleeve top ($20) and pair of leggings ($18) to be in your winter layering starter pack. These basics are perfect for trapping the heat.

PHOTO: @briannafarkhiev

Add Fur Cuffs to Your Favorite Coats

Is anyone else’s Pinterest board filled with the fur cuff trend? I know mine is. Not only do fur cuffs ($15) look good, but they also block cold air from going up your sleeves.

PHOTO: @catherinetanidjaja

Top it Off With a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets have become a part of my personality, and this brown one ($86) is so on trend. They are perfect for winter layering because of the wind resistant material and can be found at almost any thrift store. Leather jackets also buildable, they can go over or under any other jacket for added protection from the chilly air!

Now that you have unlocked the secrets to looking fashionable in cold weather, it is time to test it out! Tag us @cfashionista and use #gettingsomewhere to share your look!

Featured photo by @_valerieescobar_.