Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Retire Your Summer Pieces Just Yet

August 27th, 2019 at 2:00am
How to Transition Your Wardrobe Into Fall

Transitioning into a fall wardrobe isn’t easy, especially when you’re still holding onto those white cotton blouses and daisy-print dresses that you’ve gotten to know so well on those 95-degree heat waves. It’s not a lie that you’ve become best friends with your beloved pair of mid-heel mules that has brought you both comfort and the peace of mind that you can walk out of your house not looking like you just woke up 15 minutes ago. But I’m here to tell you the good news—that you don’t have to let go (just yet)! Silence your worries, my friends, because I’ve rounded up some super innovative outfits from Community Members who have broken their layering techniques down to a science. Remember, it’s okay to be attached to your clothes, because there’s a reason we bought them in the first place. Read on for tips on how to make the most out of them.

PHOTO: Yusra Siddiqui, College Fashionista Alum

Reuse Your Summer Accessories, Basket and Net Bags Included

It’s okay if you’re not over your best summer accessories, because we don’t plan on storing ours in the backs of our closets anytime soon. But because mother nature doesn’t always agree, save your legs and pair them with some cool wide-leg pants like Community Member Yusra did. Adding a fun print like this gingham long-sleeve will get you reminiscing over those summer nights for sure.

PHOTO: Kally Cera, Fashion Institute of Technology

Add a Denim Jacket for that Extra Layer of Warmth

Easy to throw on and versatile, this multi-seasonal piece is a favorite for being so user-friendly. The denim jacket is just that extra bit of layering you need, easy to put on but just as easy to take off for those unpredictable weather changes throughout the day. Go for an oversize one for a comfy fit, or go cropped like this Community Member did for a more nostalgic ‘90s look.

PHOTO: Lea Muhigi, University of Moncton

Layer a Button-Down Under Your Summer Mini

Thanks to tights and a little bit of innovation, it’s not the end of the world for that dress you wore to every picnic. T-shirts are a fun way to layer, but who says you can’t swap them with button-downs too? Plus, something as simple as an extra collar can really shake things up. And the layering doesn’t have to stop there. For extra chilly days, throw on a jacket or a fuzzy sweater like Lea did for some optional softness.

PHOTO: Niharika Chandrasekar, New York University

A Classic Leather Jacket Can Make Your Overalls Weather-Appropriate

Overalls can feel like a hassle to layer with because of all that denim, but a leather jacket can actually do the trick, without doing too much. Community Member Niharika won the streets over with this effortless look by wearing a bright long-sleeve underneath, but maintaining the leather theme with some classic accessories. It’s the perfect outfit to start breaking in those fall booties while you’re at it…

PHOTO: Emmy Zobitz, New York University

Your Fave Florals Can Still Be Worn Under a Sweater

The key to optimal layering is remembering that it can be done in reverse, too. For those days when you don’t feel like wearing more clothes under your clothes, an oversize turtleneck will solve the formula. And luckily, making your dress look like a skirt is an illusion that requires the least amount of effort as possible. Bonus points for being another piece that’s easy to take off if the weather ever decides to kick up a few degrees later on in the day. 

PHOTO: Emily North, Syracuse University

You Can Still Wear Your Tube Top with a Jacket

There’s a long list of clothes we don’t want to put away just yet, and tube tops are one of them. Thankfully, a jacket is an easy fix for this mishap. Opt for a fun pair of jeans instead of a skirt and avoid the shivers with a warm teddy bear coat like Emily did here, and boom—the number of outfit possibilities in your closet has just increased.

PHOTO: Sydney Helphenstine, Marymount University

Throw a Sweater Over Your Summer Culottes

To go along with the comfy-but-effortlessly-cool trend, wear a big, cozy sweater over some culottes instead of jeans or leggings. Community Member Sydney used this cute tip to elevate her look—without overdoing it. And with flowy pants that almost make it feel like you’re wearing a skirt, I promise you won’t have to sacrifice any level of comfort for this one.

Repurpose Your Festival Bodysuits with a Canadian Tuxedo

You might’ve gotten that cool bodysuit for all your music festival weekends this past summer, but it doesn’t have to be over. Get your money’s worth and give this piece a second life by experimenting with some more jacket-jean combos. Hannah put a spin on her star-print suit by layering it under a classic denim-on-denim duo that’ll turn heads for sure.

What summer trends are you bringing with you this fall? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening image by Niharika Chandrasekar.