November 18th, 2016 at 2:10am

Plaid should be considered a neutral during the winter months. There’s nothing cozier than a flannel for a harsh winter day when you’re forced to walk to classes. Although it’s easy to fall into a pattern of wearing a flannel, leggings and booties every day to class, don’t get stuck in this rut. Cold weather is a time to embrace our layers, rather than hide behind them.

November is the chance to layer textures and patterns that have been stored away during bikini season. It’s time to look in the back of your closet for those funky sweaters and rugged jackets that haven’t seen the light of day since February.

This Fashionista chose to layer two pieces on opposite sides of the spectrum: a cozy flannel dress and an edgy leather vest. Her long flannel dress is fashion’s way of saying we can stay in our pajamas all day and still look great doing it. By adding the leather vest, she takes the flannel a different direction than your usual lumberjack vibe, revamping a common style piece to make it her own.

Her accessories even take to layering in a way most Fashionistas don’t consider. Underneath her taupe booties, she wears a pair of lacey socks. Layering cute socks underneath your boots is just another way to add dimension to your look, considering socks are essential for warm toes and all-day comfort. Much like the vest, she dresses up a typical flannel with a metal statement necklace. The necklace provides a touch of femininity to the outfit.

The trick to making these multiple patterns and textures work is by coordinating the coloring within the different pieces. This Fashionista used the color black as a streamline throughout her outfit, but used the leather, metal, plaid and lace to make it her own.

Now that cold weather is upon us, it’s time to make winter chic again. Hopefully layering won’t make you want to hibernate all winter long.