STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cool, Classic and Collective

April 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

As trends in fashion are ever-changing and infinitely dynamic, it can become quite a struggle to stay on top of your style game without entirely replenishing your closet or breaking the bank. Some of us want to be super stylish and rock all the newest trends, but our attachments to coveted items in our closet sometimes keep us from replacing them. What is one to do in a conundrum like such? Follow what this Fashionisto did, and integrate trendy pieces into a traditional outfit!

Word on the street right now claims that the trendiest of pieces are either neutral, fitness-friendly, vintage or a combination of the three. This Fashionisto’s ensemble was one of those incorporative cases; he went for a more classic, “old-school”-inspired foundation with a vintage suede button-down paired with some relaxed-fit light-wash denim. His simple touches, like buttoning up his shirt all the way and cuffing his jeans, further enhanced the vintage vibe he was going for. Sticking with the neutral trend, this Fashionisto made sure to choose a camel-coloured shirt, and complimented it with some chocolate-toned combat boots. The warmth in this Fashionisto’s shirt and boots brought out the warmth in his Tommy Hilfiger duffle bag, which was generally neutral and screamed “sporty.” He continued to play off of the hues in his outfit by adding a navy baseball cap, which not only complemented the neutral trend, but also amped up the sportiness of his look. This Fashionisto’s final touch satisfied all trending criteria; he wore a neutral large-faced watch, which looked classic yet completely on-trend.

Overall, this Fashionisto managed to pull off and pull together very unique pieces in an incredibly seamless manner, making the entire look complementary, classic and cool.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think the best part of trends right now is that they are so integrative, which makes it so easy to transition trendy pieces into staple outfits. It’s almost like there’s no right or wrong, and everything is up for experimentation. I like being able to use what I have in my closet to put together looks that represent myself, as well as the trends that I admire.”