STYLE ADVICE: Embroider Me Chic

May 5th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE ADVICE: Embroider Me Chic

Embroidery is a way to adorn fabric to make it more appealing by using needle and thread. In fact, the technique has been used since 30,000 BC. Throughout the world, embroidery has been seen as a sign of wealth or status for centuries. Today, the availability of an embroidered top at a decent price is easy to find. This style can be worn in various styles such as girly or grunge.

This Fashionista opted for the grunge look. She wore a black cotton T-shirt with kittens dressed as rabbits with carrots embroidered on the front, black combat boots, and distressed jeans. She rolled her distressed jeans so that they would cuff right above her boots instead of tucking them in.

Then, she accessorized the look by wearing a black choker, round sunglasses, a burnt orange baseball cap, faux leather backpack, and two low pigtails. The way she wore her baseball cap makes her be perceived as a cool girl who knows how to keep her chill. This Fashionista had her pigtails loose and let a few bangs hang down the side to frame her face. The key items that make her outfit grunge are: the combat boots, choker, and black top.

This week’s style advice is if you are a Fashionista who loves embroidery but not comfortable with wearing edgy clothes, I created more feminine option just for you. Exchange the black T-shirt for a white top with floral embroidery. Instead of wearing a black choker, opt for a gold wire choker with a delicate pearl in the center.

Cat-eye sunglasses are essentials for a girly girl; wear a leopard pair to mix and match prints. Pair your outfit with nude dancer lace-up ballet flats to continue the feminine look from your head to your toes. Ponytails are all the rave right now; style your hair with a sleek high ponytail and swipe on some pink lipgloss to complete the look.