Harry Styles’ Best Tour Outfits According to CF Community Members

Harry Styles’ Best Tour Outfits According to CF Community Members

The one-and-only Harry Styles has finally started to make his way around North America on his long-awaited Love On Tour. We of course anticipated the fashion icon to live up to his name and bring his unique, statement style with him as he serenades the crowds…and I think we got exactly what we anticipated. We have seen this man give us relationship advice and proudly wave the pride flag between songs, in a pantsuit in every color combination. 

Is this a repeat of the Met Gala 2019 theme of camp, or are we seeing an extravagant twist on the artist’s signature uniform of wide-leg trousers, suspenders, and button-down shirts, topped off with a fluffy boa draped across his shoulders? 

Stylist Harry Lambert is to blame for making us fall in love with our favorite performer a little more, mesmerized by his voice and his extraordinary outfits. Lambert has pushed the official retirement of Styles’ One Direction skinny jeans phase and has collected a wardrobe that will sit beside Elton John’s and Price’s in the fashion hall of fame.

College Fashionista Community Members have something to say about Lambert’s choices for Styles as he has conquered the stage these past few weeks. 

Night 1

Styles stepped out for the first time post-pandemic in a custom Gucci set, consisting of nude boots, bold pink trousers, and an open vest made up of glimmering tinsel to match.

CF community member Enjanae’ Taylor admired the loud statement the artist made as he ran toward his eager audience after a year and a half of separation. 

“Night one is hands down my favorite look,” said Enjanae’. “I think Harry started off strong right out the gate with such a bold look. It’s even better that’s it was Gucci because he’s become known for his iconic Gucci looks, and this another one we can add to the list.”

Night 2

In Denver, Styles danced around the stage in pleated, red pants with matching boots and suspenders over a blue and white vertically striped button-down, which was of course un-done to his waist.

“I really admire that Harry has a unique style that’s true to himself,” said CF community member Haleigh Mitchell. “The contrast between the fresh blue button-down and the strikingly bold red pants and boots is very aesthetically pleasing. This particular look gives me Elton John vibes which I think is iconic. The outfit is playful, chic, and pairs beautifully with the aesthetic of his music.”

PHOTO: @kateday

Night 8

Paired with a bright coral shirt, his patternless pants were swapped out for a teal pair, colored in completely in glitter, in Style’s night in Detroit. College Fashionista Managing Editor, Kate Day, had the privilege of admiring his fashion in person as he performed for the Michigan crowd. 

“I may be biased but Harry’s Detroit look is one of my favorites so far. After the tour’s first leg full of printed and shimmery shirts, I was so excited to see Harry embrace fun pants,” said Kate. “From afar, his pants looked as though they were completely covered in sequins but up close, they were actually embossed with the Gucci double G logo — proving once again that if Harry is anything, he’s brand-loyal.” 

Night 3

The stage lights in San Antonio reflected beautifully against his glittery, lavender shirt paired with beige bottoms and a re-wear of his boots from night one. This look was sentimental to CF Community Member Liana Cincotti, as it reminded her of Styles’ fashion from the past.

“From his first solo tour looks to his ‘Lights Up’ music video, glittery tops were just made for him,” said Liana. “The shade of purple is so fun too, and not a color you see often enough. It matches his wild energy on stage perfectly, so I hope we see more of them during this tour.”

Night 10 

Just when we were convinced Lambert clicked “copy and paste” when planning out the tour wardrobe, Styles sported a silk trousers with a matching suit vest, of course going topless underneath. CF Community Member Katelyn Adessa stood in the pit as he truly put on a performance for her and all his screaming fans in Nashville.

“I was so glad that he finally changed it up with his outfits for Nashville and made a change from the suspenders outfit in different colors,” said Katelyn. “My show is my favorite and I’m not being biased. The full monochromatic silk cream look with the vest, with little flowers details on the back, ‘chef’s kiss.’” 

Night 5

Of all the tour outfits so far, my all-time favorite was his powerful appearance in Houston. Our favorite musician strutted out wearing a fiery orange glimmer button-down paired with neon suspenders and his classic high-waisted trousers.

Something about the boldness of this color and the coordination of the pieces struck me. Harry Styles is here, he is fired up, and he will not be silenced. What he has to say matters, what he stands for is important, and the message he sends through his art is impactful. 

I know this is surely an Aquarius man, but on that stage, he gave off big fire sign vibes: he was passionate, creative, enthusiastic, and impressionable. 

Featured image courtesy of @harrystyles via @anthonypham.