10 Unique Harry Styles Inspired Tattoo Ideas

Harry Styles has completed his residency after 15 consecutive nights of performances at Madison Square Garden, but his tour is still in full swing! Fans from around the world are gathering to be part of this experience. Here’s some major inspiration for Harry themed tattoos if you or your besties need a new way to remember seeing him in concert.

“We’ll Be Alright” – This tattoo says “We’ll Be Alright” in Harry’s handwriting so you can have a piece of him on you forever. The quote comes from Fine Line and can serve as both a reminder that you will be okay no matter the circumstances. This tattoo is perfect for fans who need some daily inspiration for a boost of confidence.

Harry’s House – This cute little tat of a little house with a heart coming out of the chimney is a nod to Harry’s House and could be perfect for anyone looking for a way to remember going to see him on tour. It’s a simplistic tattoo that you could add anything you wanted to make it personal.

“Ever Since New York” – This tattoo says “Ever Since New York” and I mean the references here are perfect if you are looking for something to remember going to Harry’s House. The tat is a reference to “Ever Since New York” a track on his 2017 album “Harry Styles.” This is the perfect tattoo to get in NYC or as a memento for going to Harry’s House at MSG. You could find it online in Harry’s handwriting, or have you bestie who went with you to the concert write it out as well.

Love on Tour Rabbits – Inspired by the Love on Tour merch these two rabbits, with one facing the other and the other almost hopping away, are both adorable and a great way to commemorate your trip to a concert. If you went with a bestie you could even split them up and each get one rabbit for a matching vibe. 

“You Can Let It Go” – Did anyone else cry during Matilda? ‘Cause same. This tattoo combines the butterfly tattoo on Harry’s stomach with the line “you can let it go,” the chorus of “Matilda.” The symbolism of letting something go and butterfly is so powerful. This is definitely the perfect tattoo for the oldest sister. 

“Treat People with Kindness” – This tattoo features the song title that has become a mantra for Harry fans internationally. The words “treat people with kindess” are written out with a rose under it. When in doubt you can take a deep breath and look to your tattoo to find peace. This art would also inspire kindness by those around you who see the tattoo. This tattoo is perfect for your kindest friend. 

“Two Ghosts” – Perfect for the Harry fan who is looking for something fun to get during spooky season. This tattoo references Harry’s song “Two ghosts,” with two little dancing ghosts. this is the perfect tattoo to get with a bestie by each getting one ghost so together you are “two ghosts.”  This is the perfect tattoo for spooky season lovers. To personalize it, have a friend draw the second ghost and you draw the first.

Cute and Fruity – Anyone who listens to Harry’s music can tell he loves fruit. Try a tattoo with a watermelon for “Watermelon Sugar, a kiwi for “Kiwi”, cherries for “Cherry” and a sunflower for “Sunflower, Vol. 6.” You can get the fruit in any order, in color or black & white. You can also can get an individual fruit if you have a favorite, or add a sun for “Golden.” This tattoo is perfect for the clean aesthetic girlies, smoothie bowls and fruit tattoos inspired by Harry all day. 

“You Sunshine, You Temptress” – This tattoo is the line from “Fine Line” that says “You Sunshine, You Temptress” in Harry’s handwriting. This is the perfect tattoo for every fan who is completely in love with Harry, but let’s be honest, who isn’t?

“Golden” – This simple tattoo is just the word golden. Nothing is better than a little inspiration from your newest tattoo, this tattoo is perfect to remember that “you’re so golden.” This is the perfect tattoo for two besties, or the golden retriever friend. To make it extra special have a person who makes you feel golden write it out so its in their handwriting.

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