May 2nd, 2017 at 2:00am

Spring means one thing: details, details, details! Finally, we can ditch the layers and focus on the little gems that make an outfit complete. Whether it be a dazzling print or some simple jewelry, the possibilities are endless. This Fashionista chose to create a simple ensemble by pairing the perfect sundress with neutral and feminine jewelry.

The royal blue floral detailing against the white fabric really makes this dress catch your eye, and it gives off that spring vibe I love so much. Since the dress is gorgeous on its own, it doesn’t require any big added items like a cardigan or denim jacket to complete the look. Instead, just a few simple pieces of gold jewelry, like this long pendant necklace and gorgeous marble cuff. They give a sense of elegance, making this the perfect outfit for a weekend brunch or date night.

Again, keeping it uncomplicated, she added a pair of tan sandals. Choosing these sandals with the crisscross detailing is another immaculate example of how focusing on the details makes for an ideal outfit. Being detail-oriented doesn’t always require combining a bunch of details, as that can be a little too overwhelming sometimes. This Fashionista shows off how picking one piece to be the main part of an ensemble makes adding a few smaller details incredibly easy.

Spring is a great time to be creative and find ways to be minimalistic while also integrating the perfect details. Don’t be scared to play around with different combinations until you find your perfect look!