Spring is in the air, and the Ithaca campus is more populated than ever. Though most students are opting for brighter tones this spring, this Fashionisto proves that you don’t have to retire all of your dark pieces as soon as the warm weather arrives. Though I like this Fashionisto’s standout ensemble, my favorite part of his look is his high tech watch.

Though watches have become irrelevant for some dedicated smartphone users, the Apple Watch is bound to sway some of these individuals to invest in some wrist swag. You can find the watch in stores this Friday or check out some of the popular options already on the market such as the Nike SportWatch or Samsung Smartwatch.

One of the great perks of wearing a high tech watch is the ability to track your fitness levels and transfer data to your smartphone. Many also allow you to play music and customize your settings. You can also text and take calls using the Apple Watch. So what’s cooler than owning a smartphone? Wearing one on your wrist!

Another great part about high tech watches is their versatility. There are some sportier options that offer a variety of brightly colored bands, but many of these watches come with a traditional metal band. This makes it easy to incorporate these pieces into everyday outfits or even formal attire.

How To: Though brightly colored accessories don’t always have to match your outfit, make sure that your wrist wear complements your ensemble. You may want to consider opting for a metal band if you’re going for a more sophisticated, less sporty look. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either. An array of gold and silver Alex and Ani bracelets works perfectly alongside almost any metal piece.