April 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Texture is an element that is so often forgotten in an outfit yet it can play a tremendously important role. While many of us are used to wearing cotton and denim religiously, we should also remember that a pop of color can be substituted with a pop of fabric! Wool, knit, silk and leather…the list goes on and on. When paired with classic materials, texture can make your look more edgy, feminine, grungy or bohemian.

This Fashionisto added texture to his look, thanks to a luxurious waffle knit cardigan. This is easily the one classic item that I would dream of stealing from my boyfriend’s closet! It’s well structured, which amplifies his slim-fit jeans, simple T-shirt and sneakers. The fabric is common for both men and women but looks especially good on this Fashionisto as it makes his outfit both casual and sophisticated. He could easily pair it with linen shorts for lunch on a patio with friends or layer it under a blazer for a classier look at night. Moreover, while he kept to a very simple color palette of gray and black, his faded jeans lighten up the look and keep it casual.

How To: We should not overlook how a type of fabric can cause just as much of a splash as color. Look for fitted sweaters or outerwear pieces in a fabrics like wool or knit in a neutral color, which will allow you to incorporate it into many looks all year long. Keep your look simple and allow the fabric to do all the talking for you!