ALL IN THE DETAILS: Uncapping Street Style

Some things just work, and street style is one of those things. Yes, Fashion Week is for revealing designer collections on the runways, however, let us take the attention off the runway and to the streets. Street style has gained considerable prominence in the fashion world, with a permanent category on WhoWhatWear. The relevance of street style likely sprouted from chic individuals hustling around during fashion week. Many interpretations exist and accessorizing will vary according to the occasion.

Built on the commuter mentality, it is not uncommon to see sporty brands heavily represented in the wardrobes of “street walkers.” The basis of a lot of streetwear can be tapered down to two elements: the accessories and the color palette.

Staged against concrete tangled with dense vines, we see a casually cool Fashionisto on an unusually warm day. He is demonstrating his steadfast interpretation of streetwear. Bolstering the look with athleticism from his adidas shorts and sneakers, this Fashionisto’s look gains momentum in the street style department. He pairs the sporty with the classic button-down shirt. More so, the key detail here is the Fashionisto’s hat.

It is all about adding interest with accessories. Mirroring the shapes present in the adidas logo, the filigree detailing on the hat is sharply unique. By upgrading the classic baseball cap with decoration, the look is given more personality. The outfit is pulled together by a cooler color palette of black, crisp white and dusky purple. Often, muted palettes are seen in everyday East coast interpretations of streetwear. Together, the accessories and color palette make the outfit a street-ready look in a fresh way.

How to: To replicate this Fashionisto’s look, snag an ornate cap. Pair your cap with some threads that boast a sporty feel. Logos are hardly a deterrent. Instead, logos are another element of decoration which communicate that image of hustle. Hustle embodies street style. Hustle to and from class in a pair of swift kicks to finish your look.