ALL IN THE DETAILS: Timeless Peices

March 30th, 2016 at 2:00am

We can all agree that accessories can make or break an outfit. Girls are especially focused on a desire to accessorize flawlessly. We have lived by the golden rule of taking one thing off thanks to Coco Chanel’s saying, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

When I discovered this Fashionisto, I was drawn to the way his accessories perfectly complemented his outfit without overdoing it. Guys are much different than girls when it comes to getting ready in the morning and when looking at another guy’s outfit. They seem to focus on seamlessly incorporating the perfect accessories to pair with simple outfits. This Fashionisto’s outfit is perfect for the cold but sunny winter weather, but his accessories are what really top off the whole appearance. The main focal point of any male outfit is his watch and his shoes. This Fashionisto chose to accessorize classically by wearing a Fossil watch with a roman numeral face and a black leather band. To keep going with the sophisticated but laid back look, this Fashionisto wore Rockport Oxford shoes with broguing.

It’s always important to mix comfort with class, and these shoes combine the best of both. To continue with the sophisticated and laid back look, it’s always necessary to have a solid pair of sunglasses to throw on when you want to be in your own little word or just to block out the haters. He chose to wear a modern pair of Ray-Ban justin sunglasses with croakies boasting his own fraternity.

How To: The key to accomplishing this look is to have as minimal of an outfit as you can but accessorize with classics like watches, sunglasses and even shoes. It will make your outfit stand out without overdoing it. This is an easy way to look your best without trying to hard.