April 19th, 2016 at 2:10am

I’ll never understand Florida weather, one minute it’s 85 degrees with the sun mercilessly beating down on you and the next you’re wading through flood water. Dressing for said weather is equally daunting. How are we supposed to find a one-look-fits-all kind of outfit for days like these? Does it even exist? I doubt it, nothing is ever that convenient.

For rainy days on campus it’s best to keep your outfit comfortable. That being said, by no means do you have to compromise your style. This Fashionisto keeps his look relatively neutral in muted tones but complements them with the neon color palette in his sneakers. Sometimes it can be tricky to pull off the normcore neon sneaker look but he pulls it off by sticking to a blue base. You’ll notice too that the colors in his shoes are a highlighter version of the other colors in his outfit, creating a well executed contrast that works.

How To: So now that you know how to pull off the bright-meets-neutral, what about the silhouette? To keep your outfit structured and without crossing over into workout territory, you should choose a chambray button-down paired with a chino style jogger pant. Adding a statement jacket like the one he’s wearing changes what would have been a very basic look. Instead of a sloppy rain jacket or windbreaker, choose an all-weather jacket that keeps you from looking like a garbage bag. Plus, check out all those pockets, I wonder how many snacks he can fit in them? And just a heads up guys, this Fashionisto’s jacket is on sale now. You can thank me later.