ALL IN THE DETAILS: Tennis Shoes Are All the Talk

April 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

What is the first thing you think of when it comes to tennis shoes? I always think about working out, sports or of the 1980s style Converse. Sometimes we are very close-minded to this classic shoe, whether we are considering it to be a choice in our stylish outfit, or even just how to style it.

The reinvention of the tennis shoe into the newly trending “minimalistic sneaker” has derived from two places. First, from the European leisurely way of life ,the tennis shoe trend finds its roots from the original “Fred Perry” shoe and is a perfect casual shoe. Secondly, from the 1980s to 1990s American culture where the style of the Converse became more popular.

This Fashionisto touches on both of these origins of the tennis shoe and plays them in perfectly with the hottest trends as well. The vintage American look comes out in his royal blue baseball hat that acts sporty as well as his light wash jeans that bring you right back to Saved By the Bell. His chic European twist on the look comes from the sporty Calvin Klein neutral toned, color-blocked zip-up. This adds a sporty, yet fashion-forward sleek look to the tennis shoe, but remains first and foremost, comfortable.

Going with a classic white color that has small details makes these low-top adidas tennis shoe go well with any style, in any season. It has a simplistic look so that it can be manipulated into any outfit he feels like wearing. The tennis shoe in general is a good purchase to make for any Fashionisto or Fashionsta because it can be punk, minimalist, retro, sporty or dressy. Each style can be customized to your liking, is perfect for a walks around campus and also earns you style points!

How To: Interested in pulling of his retro sporty look? Then dip into brands like Calvin Klein, H&M for Men or Zara to find a neutral colored jacket with interesting mixes of fabrics and keep the outfit fashion forward! Pair the jacket with thrift finds such as light wash jeans and a cool colored hat to top off the look.