April 28th, 2016 at 2:10am

This student was spotted on his way to the library. I immediately mistook his jacket for a bomber jacket, mainly due to the varsity-like stripes on the bottom and cuffs. There’s no denying that they have been a huge trend for this spring, however as I approached him, I realized that his jacket had a hood. It’s not like the traditional bomber, nor is it like a regular windbreaker. I’ve decided this gorgeous teal-colored jacket shall be considered as a hybrid of the two. It is a versatile option and keeps looks cool and comfortable.

The Fashionisto paired his jacket with a printed T-shirt and slid on a pair of black jeans. Keeping with the monochromatic theme, he chose some black Vans high-top sneakers. To give the outfit a playful-vibe, he threw on a leather baseball cap, which is also a must-have on days when your hair will not cooperate.

The teal hue is a color we’re all probably going to become quite familiar with this season as shades of green graced the runway. Fashion enthusiasts this spring are exploring the different color palettes within their wardrobe.

How To: There are several ways to go about imitating this look. Excluding the outwear, the outfit itself is completely monochromatic, making it easy to replicate. Pair a white T-shirt, solid or patterned, with some black jeans and layer over a colorful outerwear of your choice. Once you’ve got the base of the outfit set, spice up the outfit by throwing on an accessory whether it be a hat or some flashy shoes