ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplicity is the New Black

March 13th, 2017 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simplicity is the New Black

When creating an outfit, paying attention to details is the key to rocking any successful look. Details are what make an outfit fun. Without the details of your favorite chunky rings on your left hand or the gold eye shadow on the edges of your eyelids, the complete outfit simply does not exist.

Black is a color that never gets old in anyone’s wardrobe. This Fashionista is killing the black from head to toe. But it’s the fact that there is so much detail in this outfit that really brings it together. Starting from the favorite part of the outfit, her feet—the lace-up heels are worn to a T.  This look is a new trend this year and it adds a very simple detail into the “typical” heel. I believe it makes an outfit even more extraordinary and detailed with just the little touch of a ribbon. Another awesome trait about these shoes is that they are perfect for multiple occasions. Whether it’s in a beautiful dress at a formal party or date with the new cutie down the street or a fancy night out with a nice pair of jeans, these shoes are ready for any occasion.

Next, moving up the legs to the shoulders she wears this frilled shawl or cardigan, whichever you prefer. The black jeans and long sleeve shirt make the outfit simple and in need of more detail, and this shawl is the perfect way to do so. It’s long and covers a majority of the body which makes it a perfect pair for heels. The sweater’s neutral colors of blacks, browns, and white make it blend perfectly with the outfit without having too many details going on once due to the frills at the bottom of the shawl. Details are important in an outfit and need to flow smoothly in order to be fashionable.

The last little details that really bring this outfit together are the pop of color on the lip, the set of rings, and if it’s sunny, you can pair this look with your favorite sunglasses. The lips are dark red, which is bold, but it doesn’t overpower the outfit. A tip I have when wearing lots of black is to either pick a bold lip or bold smokey eye to not overpower the entire the look. The ring set is simple and doesn’t clash with the outfit because they stick with similar shapes and the silver material. Lastly, the glasses are bold and shiny and make a great extra detail to the outfit on a sunny day.

Details and all, styling and inspiring an outfit is more than just picking it out of your closet. My advice is to look at the details of a necklace or shirt you like and try to pair it with something that is out of your comfort zone. You’ll find yourself wearing a fun and spontaneous outfit you would have never thought about!