The Ultimate Guide To TikTok Fashion Aesthetics

For millions of users, social media has  become the place to receive  style inspiration through different aesthetics. Fashion aesthetics can help you decide what specific style you like, and what really resonates with you, as opposed to constantly changing with trends. If you’re looking for  some new inspiration, CF has listed seven TikTok fashion aesthetics to experiment with.

Downtown Girl

The downtown girl aesthetic is cool, effortless and romanticizes living in downtown New York. The downtown girl often includes black, white, neutrals and denim. The trend often makes use of different fall trends and borrows fashion trends from different decades. You can often see a downtown girl in wide legged jeans, mini skirts, vintage t-shirts, oversized sweaters and leather jackets, and Dr. Martens or converse.

Short Jersey Skirt


Men's Prince Purple Rain Short Sleeve Graphic Crewneck T-Shirt


Dr. Martens Holly Platform Oxford


Faux Leather Overshirt


Coconut Girl

The coconut girl is inspired by early 2000s fashion, inspired by movies like Aquamarine and Blue Crush. The aesthetic is youthful , beachy and utilizes  colorful and playful tones  and patterns. The clothing often makes reference to flowers (typically  hibiscus) and shells. In the coconut girl aesthetic you may often see crop tops, halters, terry cloth, flowy button up shirts and shorts, mini skirts and  sarongs. The aesthetic also includes accessories like beaded jewelry, crochet, hair clips, sunglasses, and sometimes bucket hats.

Floral Halter Bikini Set


Essentials Chiffon Beach Shirt

$18. Available in Fuchsia, Black, Bright pink, and Orange

ASOS DESIGN natural beach short in white


8 Piece Matte Flower Hair Claw Clips


Crochet Floral Tote Bag


Plazacore/ Plaza Princess

Plazacore was inspired by Eloise, yes, the fictional six year old who lives at the Plaza Hotel. But, for inspiration on the plaza core aesthetic we can look at Gossip Girl’s very own Blair Waldorf. Like Eloise, the aesthetic works mostly with white, black and pink, as well as other pastel and neutral colors. This style is preppy and elegant, often using tweed, houndstooth, pleated skirts and headbands.

ASOS DESIGN Volume Sleeved Soft Shirt With Ruffle Cuffs in Oyster

$46. Also available in Ivory and Black.

Tweed Square Neck Short Dress


Steve Madden Nylo Mary Jane Pump


Elegant Finish Ivory Oversized Bow Hair Clip



The term whimsigothic was coined by architectural designer, Evan Collins, combining the words whimsical and gothic. The aesthetic takes inspiration from the late ’80s and early ’90s and plays with a combination of pieces that are dark, moody, and playful. Inspiration can be taken from people like Stevie Nicks and Lisa Bonet. You may often see the aesthetic use darker or muted hues, include astrological motifs, or make use of vintage or thrifted clothing. You may often see pieces like long and flowing skirts and dresses, mesh or lace, stockings, and boots. The aesthetic usually makes use of layering and using different fabrics and textures from velvet to lace. 

Lace-trimmed Ribbed Top

$12.99. Available in Khaki Green, Black, and Cream.

Ribbed Cotton Blend Cardigan

$14. Available in Black and Brown.

The Tudors Renaissance Earrings

$14. Available in Green, Red, Sapphire blue, Cobalt blue, Garnet, Topaz, Rose, White, and Off white.

Floral Bias Midi Skirt


Soft Girl

The soft girl aesthetic is a hyperfeminine aesthetic that is best known for being “cute and girly” and is often associated with pinks, pastels and glitter. The aesthetic draws inspiration from kawaii and anime, as well as Y2K nostalgia. The outfits often use solid colors or patterns that are softer, rather than bold and eye-catching. Accessories and makeup can be maximalist and have been seen as “child-like” (e.g. hair clips, teddy bears, hearts and flower motifs). The soft girl aesthetic fully embraces and embodies everything that is stereotypically feminine.

Freya Mini Dress Yellow Petite


Drop-Sleeve Cardigan

$18. Also available in Black, Grey, Brown, and Green.

Emiko Cream Platform Block Heel Slide Sandals



A baddie is a girl who always shows up put together but still comes across as effortless. The baddie aesthetic combines high fashion with athleisure and street style. This aesthetic is one of the most versatile and there are many ways to achieve the look from wearing bodycon dresses to track suits. In the baddie aesthetic, showcased is a sleek hairstyle, editorial inspired makeup and trendy accessories. You’ll see the use of different pieces in this aesthetic like sweat suits , sneakers, denim, oversized t-shirts, crop tops, joggers, and crop tops.

AE Ripped Highest Waist Baggy Straight Jean

$42. Available in Light Vintage and Washed Black.

Red Nike Dunk Low Retro


Stylish Cuts One Shoulder Sweater Top


Tessa Chunky Tube Hoop Earring Set

$20. Available in Gold and Silver.

Weekday Cruise square sunglasses in black


Dark/ Light Academia 

The dark and light academia aesthetics are exactly what they sound like. The aesthetic romanticizes education inspired style, especially subjects like literature, history, and art. The aesthetic uses colors like neutrals, browns, greens, white black, and burgundy with dark academia using darker tones and light academia using more white, tan, and lighter colors. Using minimum color, the  outfits can also be monochrome or just color coordinated. You’ll often see pieces like vests, tailored button ups, blazers, trousers, pleated skirts, and trench coats. In this aesthetic you’ll also often see glasses, brooches, long socks, loafers, and sweatshirts.

Long Sleeve Seriously Soft Mock-Neck Crop Top

$15. Available in Black, Cream, Coastline, Rose, and Blue.

Short Twill Skirt

$25. Available in Black, Dark brown, and Black and White Plaid.

Women's Double Breasted Notched Lapel Plaid Trench Blazer Coat

$70. Available in Grey, Red, Beige

Cable Knit Sweater Vest

$22. Available in Cream and Charcoal.

Featured image via Boohoo, Amazon, Cider and Etsy. Design by Her Campus Media/Marcello Gamez of Unsplash.