ALL IN THE DETAILS: Simple to Superstar

Oftentimes when searching to find the perfect accessories combination to put over an outfit, I catch myself thinking, “Wait, is this too much?” But when I found this Fashionista, I was inspired by how naturally she had turned a simple, neutral tank top and jeans mix into a high quality, stylish outfit due solely to her brilliant way of accessorizing.

This Fashionista chose a black tank and white ripped jeans as the base of her outfit. Pairing a top with a bottom on opposite ends of the color spectrum adds a nice element to any outfit. She enhances the look with a bright red flannel for a pop of color, and it works well to also add a sense of liveliness to the outfit as a whole. Whoever says flannels can only be worn in the fall around a bonfire didn’t know about all the other ways you can actually wear one. Tying it around the waist is another effortlessly cool way to rock it. She layered a significant amount of necklaces at all different lengths to create a pattern over her plain top. Next, she slipped on several bracelets, rings and a watch because the more the merrier, right? Also, as seen here, any type of chic cross-body purse makes for a practical, yet still fashionable, way to to wear a bag across campus. For shoes, she stuck with a simple black ankle bootie in an effort to not take away from all of the other accessories within the look. She topped it all off with a pair of sleek reading glasses that, not only make reading books for class a little easier, but are truly another perfect accessory to make any outfit complete!

How to: Challenge yourself to use at least one of each kind of accessory to dress up your plain outfits. There’s no need to question the power of good accessories. Throw them all on and watch your look go from simple to superstar in a matter of seconds!