ALL IN THE DETAILS: Scallops: Food, or Fashion?

May 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Okay, so you know how for the past year I’ve been sharing all these trends with you guys and that I keep saying there’s a way to pull off basically anything? Well, here’s the one piece that I have yet to find myself able to pull off: scallop shorts. Or any kind of flouncy, lacey shorts in general. They’re probably one of the most adorable trends I’ve ever seen, and I curse my body shape everyday for being unwilling to cooperate with the style properly. They come in every color of the rainbow, sometimes in very detailed patterned that I absolutely adore, and they’re perfect for basically any occasion from class to going out.

They’re also 100 times more comfortable than denim shorts, and come in a range of waist heights and cuts. A lot of popular styles include lace, or as my Fashionista donned, scallops. They’re very classy and perfect for the cheerful spring season. Basically, wear it with a tight tank top and you’re rocking your own version of a romper. I’ve seen them on almost everyone on this campus for many different occasions, and they all look incredible. Whether you pair them with sandals or wedges, they’re definitely making a super chic statement. If you’re desperately eager to try out a pair, check out TOBI’s wide selection!

This Fashionista looked oh-so-trendy in her purple scalloped shorts this week. With spring temperatures seeming to dip back down a tad, the black, long sleeved shirt with open slits down the arms looked very edgy, yet mixed in with the feminine shorts, ultra classy. It allowed her bright shorts to do all the talking and be the biggest spotlight stealers since Kayne West, 2009 MTV Awards. Paired with her Jack Rogers, this is the perfect class time look, that is, unless it’s another dreary Monday. She also has some trendy hand candy with several different bracelets and rings that are simple and cool. Loving this outfit so much, and wishing it could be mine.

How To: As we continue to hope spring will be here to stay, this outfit is super easy to pull off! Pair a simple, colored tank with a statement pair of scalloped shorts. Depending on the occasion, wear a pair of sandals or cute wedges/heels to give your legs that toned look. Accessorize to your liking, and voila!