ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rings and Other Things

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rings and Other Things

There is something so powerful about accessorizing. A statement necklace can pull an outfit together while a belt can transform a menswear shirt into a fabulous mini dress. How you accessorize can change the whole vibe of your outfit. As a girl that wore a uniform to school up until college, trust me when I say that accessorizing is the easiest and coolest way to showcase your personal style.

This Fashionista took a simple oversize denim shirt and with the addition of some killer accessories created a super edgy ensemble. Let’s start with the shoes. Over-the-knee boots are a trend that show no signs of stopping anytime soon. When paired with an oversize shirt like this Fashionista has done, it is effortlessly cool and instantly dresses up even the simplest outfit. What I think really elevates this outfit is the jewelry. Another trend that isn’t going anywhere is the choker. Instead of the classic black choker this Fashionista opted for a super thick beige choker. In addition to the choker, she layered some gold necklaces and a drop choker necklace. What I love about the drop choker necklace is that she didn’t wrap it. It adds another dimension to her layering without taking away from the beige choker. We can’t discuss this look without talking about those amazing rings. Rings may be my favorite jewelry item so I say the more the merrier! This Fashionista has a variety of super cool and intricate rings. My favorite has the be the one that reads “wicked woman” because in this outfit that is exactly what she is. Finally, our Fashionista added a faux fur clutch to keep her phone, money, and a her lip color in. A little bit of fur in the cold weather can go a long way. It’s opulent, comforting, and as classy as it comes.

So, if you’re looking to take an outfit to the next level, dip into your jewelry collection. Experiment with new some new looks, and you’ll be amazed at what a few necklaces and rings can do to make you look like you’re fresh off the runway.


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