Kylie? Kylie Jenner? Is that you? Tell me your style secrets!

Okay, maybe it’s not actually Kylie, but this Fashionista definitely shares her style. One of the many things she has in common with Kylie is her attention to detail… and her lipstick. Oh, did I mention her purple hair? This Fashionista is one of those people that just naturally looks flawless. She causes outfit envy everywhere she goes and leaves people wondering how she came up with it.

You know the famous Chanel quote about taking off one accessory before you leave the house? This Fashionista clearly doesn’t abide by that “fashion rule” and it works for her! She keeps some of this jewelry (specifically, the rings) on everyday and forms her look around them.

Sh is a pro at using accessories to take her outfit to the next level. She transforms trashed black jeans and a white T-shirt into a dynamic look by adding creative details. For this look, this Fashionista layered eclectic bracelets and chunky rings, chose a shiny statement necklace, matched her lipstick to her nails*, and added a black belt. This look maintains its effortless vibe with a balance of laid-back pieces and statement jewelry.

*This Fashionista would like everyone to know that due to unforeseen circumstances she is sporting her natural nails instead of her regular Kylie-esque stiletto nails. Please don’t judge too harshly. It’s a sensitive topic.

How To: To achieve a look inspired by this Fashionista, you will need to pick out a common thread to carry on through out your entire look. That can be matching lipstick, nail polish and hair as seen here, or you can choose to roll without a common thread and just layer random colors and jewelry. The most important thing when playing with details is to look at all of your options. Find all the places you can put an accessory, and do it! If it feels to heavy for your personal style, you can edit the look down to something you are more comfortable with.