Target’s Fine’ry Perfumes Are Affordable Dupes For Your Fave Scents


TikTok is known for finding alternative items to rather expensive luxuries. From sweatshirts to candles, to now fragrances, it’s almost impossible to not find a dupe video on your #FYP. For those who don’t want spend hundreds of dollars on one bottle of perfume, we’re thankful to those who hit the stores to find more reasonable alternatives. Case and point, Target’s Fine’ry perfumes, which have been designed to act as dupe luxury fragrances without breaking the bank.

While prices of designer perfumes are a bit steep for this perfume-obsessed gal, I put the entire range to the test and found their fragrance match — and each bottle is just $30 for two ounces! Plus, you can opt for these scents as a body mist fragrance spray in a five-ounce bottle for $15 each. Check out the full list of Target Fine’ry perfume dupes below.

Not Another Cherry

Notes: Wild Cherry, Turkish Rose, Almond Amaretto

Dupe: Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Starting off with my personal favorite, Not Another Cherry. The flowery notes of Turkish rose combined with rich Wild Cherry and bitter Almond Amaretto make for a luxurious and mysterious scent that will have heads turning when you walk by. This fragrance is a daily must for me and is Fine’ry’s answer to one of Tom Ford’s most popular scents, Lost Cherry, with a steep starting price of $250 for 1 oz. of product.

Sweet On The Outside

Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Cacao Wood, Smoked Vetiver

Dupe: Eilish by Billie Eilish, Skylar Vanilla Sky

The next perfume is a warm, gourmand, and smoky scent that is the perfect answer to winter weather. The vanilla note stands out the strongest, so if you love sweet scents, this is the one for you. This fragrance is a definite dupe for Eilish, but in my opinion I think it smells a bit more luxurious and mature and the staying power is nearly double the time.

Flower Bed

Notes: Lush Peony, Green Apple, Wild Bamboo Leaf

Dupe: Chance Chanel, Daisy Marc Jacobs

Perfect for everyday wear, this perfume pulls notes of peony, green apple and bamboo leaf to create an easygoing, light, and flowery scent. It reminds me the most of Chance by Chanel but is also reminiscent of Daisy by Marc Jacobs. If you find yourself gravitating towards those flowery scents, this one’s for you. It’s girly, fresh, and pillowy!

Before the Rainbow

Notes: Salty Air, Bergamot, Tree Moss

Dupe: Jo Malone Wood and Sage, D&G Light Blue

 A fresh, earthy, and citrusy scent, Before The Rainbow is the perfect spring mist for daily wear. The scent is clean, simple and straight to the point and smells most similar to Jo Malone’s Wood and Sage. It’s windswept and wild and fits naturally into the skin, perfect for a cozy and clean vibe.


Notes: Monti Blossom, Orange Flower, Amber Wood

Dupe: Tom Ford Soleil Blanc, Tom Ford Métallique

This scent is literally a day spent at the beach. Its warm, flowery, and fresh smell evokes the feeling of sunshine and definitely fits like a second skin. Finding Sun-Phoria’s luxury dupe was a bit challenging because I was torn between two Tom Ford scents, Soleil Blanc and Métallique, each of which have starting costs of $150.

Jungle Santal

Notes: Papryus Wood, Indian Cardamom, Black Oolong Tea

Dupe: Le Labo Santal 33

This one is a dead ringer for Santal 33 from Le Labo. It leans a bit more on the masculine side compared to the rest of the Fine’ry perfumes but falls in line perfectly with the trend of wearing unisex scents. It smells clean and expensive and is easily recognized by fellow fragrance lovers when worn.

I’m a Musk

Notes: Fluffy Musk, Cotton Blossom, Cream Sandalwood 

Dupe: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

If you love musk, this is the one for you. A trip to the fragrance counter at my local department store confirmed the closeness of this perfume to the viral Maison Francis Kurkdjian Paris Baccarat Rouge 540. I’m A Musk has a bit more clean notes (props to the cotton and sandalwood) but nonetheless, it’s an incredible dupe. It smells like it’s dripping in gourmand and definitely has those old money vibes.

Magnetic Candy

Notes: Sugared Violet, Pink Pomelo, Cotton Candy

Dupe: Killian Love Don’t Be Shy, Prada Candy

While many people say this scent is similar to Prada Candy, I think it leans more toward Killian’s Love Don’t Be Shy. This is definitely the sweetest perfume of the bunch. However, if you are into very sweet, floral, and vanilla scents this is definitely right up your alley. This fragrance is super warm and marshmallowy and is definitely reminiscent of the “vanilla girl” aesthetic trending on TikTok. 

Midnight Cafe

Notes:Crème de Café, Jasmine Absolute, Patchouli

Dupe: YSL Black Opium

A velvety, sexy fragrance that uses sweet jasmine to balance out sweet vanilla, bitter coffee and herbal notes. This one is a dead ringer for YSL’s Black Opium but a bit sweeter. Midnight Cafe has a luxurious smell without the hefty price tag. It’s an amazing transitional scent that brings sweetness to a more refined and interesting level. To me, it’s a “date night” perfume that will give you that extra oomph!

Pistachio Please

Notes: Pistachio Milk, Fluffy Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Dupe: Kayali Pistachio Gelato

finery dupe

Pistachio isn’t just a popular spring flavor to add to your lattes, it’s the scent to wear this season, too. Pistachio Please definitely leans super sweet into the gourmand fragrance territory. So, if you’re up for smelling like a delicious bakery good as you go about your day, look no further than this Fine’ry Kayali dupe. Additionally, many perfume enthusiasts on TikTok say this dupe smells just like Sol de Janeiro No. 62.

Without A Trace

Notes: Neroli Blossom, Cedarwood, Suede Musk

Dupe: Phlur Missing Person

finery perfume

This affordable perfume is effortlessly natural and subtle. With its floral and woody notes, Without A Trace is a good perfume option for daily wear, a brunch date, an early morning class, and beyond. You’ll smell springy and fresh without overpowering the room, and you’ll smell exactly like Phlur’s Missing Person.

The New Rouge

Notes: Golden Saffron, Amber Resin, Sandalwood

Dupe: Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540


Fine’ry’s The New Rouge is the height of elegant scents and costs significantly less than the price tag of Baccarat Rouge 540. For just $30, this dupe has a little extra layer of sweetness that helps balance out the woody notes. Additionally, perfume reviewers share that this perfume has wonderful longevity on skin, making it a perfect scent for special events, galas, etc.

Mysterious Nomad

Notes: Bergamot, Black Pepper, Hinoki Wood

Dupe: Byredo Gypsy Water


Mysterious Nomad by Fine’ry has a delectable, unique trio of notes including intense black pepper, natural Hinoki wood, and fresh, bergamot. This is the perfume for people who hate typical scents offered in stores. It’s not sweet, floral, or musky. Instead, it offers a major burst of light citrus scent upon spraying with follow-up notes of spice.

Born To Empress

Notes: Pink Rhubarb, Damask Rose, Cypress Wood

Dupe: Delina, Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice


This Delina dupe is a rose garden in a bottle. If you adore smelling like a bouquet, Born To Empress needs to be on your vanity ASAP. It begins on a fruity note, as per the pink rhubarb, but it ultimately settles into the floral notes. This is the best light scent to wear all summer long. Additionally, Born To Empress mimics designer fragrances Delina and Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice.

Mystic Figures

Notes: Mediterranean Fig, Ocean Air, Salted Sage

Dupe: Philosykos Eau de Toilette, Phlur Father Figure


Are you ready to have your Mamma Mia moment? This Mystic Figures perfume from Fine’ry is so reminiscent of the Greek coast with its combo of Mediterranean fig, ocean air, and sage. Even while you’re studying, spritz a little of this on and transport yourself to a European vacation.


Notes: Crème de Cassis, Velvet Orris, Patchouli

Dupe: YSL Mon Paris


Luxurious, feminine, and a perfect dupe for YSL’s Mon Paris, Fine’ry’s Madame is a total “Oui!” This high-end fragrance is effortlessly lavish, with a leading note of Crème de Cassis, which is dark red blackcurrant liqueur. Sweet berry scents are balanced with floral and Earthy scents. Basically, this is a total main character scent.

The Fine’ry perfume line is a great option when you are starting the search for a new signature scent or just testing out what’s out there without breaking the bank. You can find reviews and opinions about the line all over TikTok, but I suggest you head into your nearest Target and check it out for yourself! Be warned, the scents have been selling out frequently so you may have to do a little digging!

The article was originally published on March 1, 2023.