ALL IN THE DETAILS: Paisley Pursuit

As we finally begin our transition into spring, fun spring patterns are finding their way into our closets. Paisley is one of these popular patterns but sometimes finding a fashionable way to style it may be a challenge. Too much paisley may be overwhelming, but just the right amount creates the perfect spring outfit! Have no fear though; the perfect paisley look is only a few patterns away.

Some may think that paisley is just for fashionistas, but this is veryunture. Fashionistos can style their own paisley pieces just as well! This Fashionisto created a dressy-casual spring outfit that is perfect for any date night, interview, or even stylish look for class. He paired a paisley tie with a red and blue stripped button-down. These two patterns work perfectly in sync! He wore this with a simple pair of khaki pants and brown oxfords. This Fashionisto’s paisley tie isn’t hidden, but complemented by his red and blue striped shirt. What I love about paisley and spring patterns in general is that you are free to be as creative with them as you please. So go for it! This Fashionisto took charge with his look and created a fun spring outfit for almost any occasion. 

How To: Have a patterned tie, but unsure what to pair it with? You can always keep it simple with a white button-down shirt or even with a denim button-down shirt. Pair your shirt with your favorite khakis or jeans and you’ve got your look. If you’re daring enough, like our Fashionisto, find your own patterned button-down shirt with similar colors that are in your tie and you’ll be good to go!