ALL IN THE DETAILS: Pa-pa-pa Patterns

May 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

How about we just take simplicity and the tendency to always match and lock it away for good? Like, I am dead serious. I feel as people tend to forget that it is okay to have a little fun when putting together their outfits–they get more stuck on making sure whatever they are wearing won’t attract crazy looks from the mass audience. In reality, they’re the crazy ones; they don’t know how to have fun!

The Fashionisto had me sold with his outfit. I could not get over his ability to pull out many different patterns and have them all flow, smoothly I might add, into one ensemble. He is everything right now! You could definitely catch me pulling something of such off. My favorite is combing floral and tribal print. I have this navy tribal print top I purchased from a thrift store a few years ago. One day, I wore it together with a pair of yellow boho-style floral pants and I received so many compliments on that outfit. From then on, combining prints and patterns has been my thing.

Okay, I get it; it is not about me right now! Let’s get back to this dude right here. To start off with, this Fashionisto is wearing a navy blue polka-dot button-up. He decides to have a little fun and he throws on a cheetah print bow tie. I have to say, this bow tie complements his outfit really well. He wears this over a pair of ripped white denim jeans. You see how the white polka-dots and the white pants make this outfit so crisp? I love it. He has on a pair of navy blue socks, with a lighter blue print of diamonds, which he wears with these cognac oxfords (which is definitely a must-have for every male to have in their closet). For accessories, he adds on a brown watch and a ring.

How To: If you have never combined patterns before, start minimal. Grab yourself a printed button-up shirt and wear it with a nice pair of pants or joggers. Cuff your pants, if needed, so that your socks can be shown. Wear a pair of socks with a pattern different from the one on your shirt. Wa-lah! Now go and be great.