ALL IN THE DETAILS: Out with the New, In with the Old

Remember growing up when you would always make beaded bracelets and necklaces at camp? Or when your parents would buy a make-your-own-jewelry set? You would make tons of different pieces and parade them around proudly, showing off your artistic abilities. If I just described you, then you’re in luck because DIY jewelry is making a second appearance. Making your own accessories is a cool and innovative way to spice up your wardrobe and not to mention, a great conversation starter as well! Especially as a college student, you don’t have to worry about this trend breaking the bank. And if making jewelry isn’t your thing, there are tons of local artisans selling one-of-a-kind jewelry for low prices at your local flea market or thrift shop. Vintage accessories can make your outfit pop and stand out amongst the crowd.

I found this Fashionista around campus rocking unique jewelry both from local shops and pieces she made herself. Her outfit is composed of vibrant colors and patterns, which she ties all together with accessories of all shapes, sizes and colors. From her strawberry earrings to her stone-embedded rings, this Fashionista really exemplifies how DIY jewelry can be totally chic. I discovered that she works at the Craft Center on campus, a place where students are able to make amazing creations such as personalized jewelry. You’d be surprised at what a little creativity and materials can do. If your school doesn’t have a Craft Center, Etsy is a great online source to find incredible accessories made by talented individuals. Specifically, cuffs are definitely trending right now, whether they are ear cuffs or arm cuffs. Ear cuffs are perfect for those who don’t have piercings or for those who want to add some more ear candy. Arm cuffs are the new bracelets of choice, providing a vintage flare. Rings are another subtle way to add drama to an outfit and never go out of style. The greatest part about all of these accessories is that there are so many different styles that you are bound to find pieces that are totally you.

How To: Now is the perfect time to let your creative side fly by making your own jewelry. Stop at your local craft store, pick up anything that catches your eye and get to designing! Thrift shops, flea markets and online crafting websites are other great resources to get one-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired jewelry that is just what you need this upcoming spring. Pair these pieces with your everyday outfits and it instantly dresses your look up.