ALL IN THE DETAILS: Out of the Blue

Midterms and essays and projects, oh my! Major stress is catching up to many of us college students as we all get the first few months of the school year under our belts. As we worry about our GPAs and struggle to juggle everything going on in our hectic lives, the last thing many people think about is looking stylish on campus. Finding the motivation to dress nicely for a long, arduous day of classes and meetings is especially difficult when having to deal with cold, rainy weather. As the brisk wind causes trees to shed their layers of leaves, students are starting to pile on the layers of clothing in order to stay cozy.

As people were running to and from classes on a particularly chilly and drizzly day, I spotted this Fashionisto walking from studying hard at the library. Sporting a printed long sleeve shirt tucked into a pair of cuffed navy blue chino trousers with a knitted, blue-toned scarf thrown around his neck, he was looking anything but the color he was rocking. His oxfords make the look more dressed-up and polished while the denim jacket tones it down and balances the ensemble making it casual enough for a chaotic campus day.

Wearing variations of one single color can be tricky, but this Fashionisto knows exactly what shades to combine to create a cohesive outfit. If you’re not feelin’ a monochrome look, trade the navy chinos for some black jeans or play with different colors as you accessorize. Step into the last few weeks of this semester with confidence knowing that you can easily put together a stylish outfit while still being comfortable and warm!