All In the Details: Orange You Glad You Wore That?

If you asked someone what his or her favorite color was, how many people do you think would say orange? A few people might, but it’s rare. Blue, green or pink were always fan favorites back in grammar school days. Orange is one color that seemed to get some of the slack. Due to the intensity of the hue, it can be quite an intimidating color to wear. This spring, orange is one color to not forget!

The first step in incorporating orange into your daily wardrobe is to pair your orange item with a neutral. White and navy are my two favorite neutrals to pair with orange. It can be a little overwhelming to pair orange-colored garments with other brightly colored pieces. Neutrals keep the outfit looking put together, with the pop of color. In this case, this Fashionisto is wearing his orange chino shorts with a patterned navy and white, short sleeve button-down. The material of the button-down keeps it spring weather appropriate. He layers his button-down with a white T-shirt underneath. This adds a relaxed and casual vibe to his outfit. For shoes, he wears laid back boater shoes. He keeps his accessories to a minimum with a simple black watch on his wrist.

How To: If orange is still intimidating, start small! Accessories are a great first step in adding a new color palette into your wardrobe. Pops of orange are a great way to add some color in your orange without a huge commitment. Light linen scarves and jewelry with hints of the color are great stepping stones.