ALL IN THE DETAILS: Modern Mountaineer

Portland has come to be more than familiar with the term hipster—the true epitome of organic, carefree and rather hairy people. Not only has Portland embraced this hipster attitude, but so has the world of fashion. You can see the influence of this new breed of people who sip their coffee out of mason jars in fashion through loose-fitting boho creations, thick knit beanies and flannels in every shade.

No hipster can be complete without their favorite flannel. This Fashionisto truly embraces his mountain-man side with a soft apricot colored flannel paired with a charcoal down vest. Not only does this outfit scream “I’m one with nature,” but it keeps you super warm, too. Layering is key in the Pacific Northwest. Camel colored jeans bring nature’s colors into this outfit. A more modernized RVCA gray T-shirt incorporates a chill vibe to this hipster’s already chill attitude.

Having a cute, furry friend always adds to any nature experience (and no, I am not talking about this Fashionisto’s #RAD beard). I am talking about the pup. A playful pal is a must for living in Portland; there are tons of restaurants that are pet friendly and even offer a puppy menu.

Embracing the Portland lifestyle is much more than growing a beard and eating only freerange. It is about being whoever you want to be and welcoming any type of personality you come in contact with.

How To: Feel a little cliche trying to recreate a hipster look? Chill out, bro. The number one rule to embracing this look is to not care what people are going to think of you. Grow a beard, grab a flannel and head out to Voodoo Donuts.