ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mixed Patterns

Trends are sometimes intimidating to try out. Trends like color-blocking are frightening to try because if you do them wrong, you can end up not looking good at all. One trend that has been adopted more and more is mixed patterns. Of course, the mix and match patterns have to be done right, or you end up looking like a kindergartner dressed you. So before you try this at home, make sure you know exactly how to accomplish this trend the right way.

This week’s Fashionisto pulled off the trend perfectly. If you are looking to do the same, this Fashionisto shows us some tips on how to do it. He took two different shirts in the same color scheme and matched them up. One of the shirts is stripped and one has geometrical shapes.The color scheme was not too bright, but it had neutral color in it. He made sure to kept these two patterns toned down by paring them with neutrals. On the bottom, he wore jeans, which are considered a neutral in this combination. He then finished his look with tan shoes. This Fashionisto knew very well that using neutrals would make his combination more on-trend. Also, the mix of prints with neutrals gives a more causal look. There are many other guidelines you can use to make various combinations with pattern mixing.

How To: Depending on the combination you want to achieve, there are some tips you can use to get the right look. If you want a more put together look, pair patterns that look inverted with each other. For a subtle look, you can wear two of the same patterns in different sizes but in the same color. Finally, if you are in doubt with what you are doing, polka-dots and stripes always pair nicely.