ALL IN THE DETAILS: Military Obsession

As of now, there is a trend so huge it cannot go undetected. If you haven’t taken notice of this awesome spring trend, then shame on you. If you are still clueless as to what I am speaking about then I may as well just spill it: military apparel. Everywhere I turn, I spot this style from combat boots to olive green shirts and pants to utility jackets. This trend is everywhere. All I can say is I am officially obsessed (with total understanding) with military attire. Especially when it comes to those olive green utility jackets. I confess that I just had to buy one for myself. But enough about me; if everyone is purchasing these modish coats, how do you stand out? Wear a military jacket decorated with red and white plaid sleeves of course.

I instantly fell in love when I caught sight of this Fashionista’s dashing military jacket. From the olive green hue to the red and white plaid sleeves to the smallest detail of the leather cuffs, I immediately adored this piece. This jacket is so stylish, which is why I promptly understood why this Fashionista fought another girl for this item at a 75 percent off sale at Urban Outfitters. I mean who wouldn’t fight for this jacket? To make this awesome piece stand out, this Fashionista kept the rest of her outfit simple with a dark, monochromatic vibe. Because of the warmer weather, this Fashionista pulled out her black bodycon dress and paired it with black tights to keep her legs warm from those cool, early spring mornings. To give her outfit a more boho vibe, she threw on a pair of comfy and cute black moccasins. This Fashionista kept her accessories to a minimum with a simple silver bracelet that was delicately decorated with turquoise stones.

All in all, this Fashionista is so fashionable in her ensemble, and her military jacket definitely emerges from among the other olive green coats. In fact, the next time I spot a fashionable item at 75 percent off, I will fight for it…or maybe not?

How To: Pair your own unique military jacket with a black dress, black tights and boots. If dresses are not your thing replace it with a black T-shirt and jeans. Don’t forget to add a simple accessory like a bracelet to your overall outfit.